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From 10 Years to Not even friends?

Marie Asks:

I met a Pisces man 10 years ago and believe me I have went on one wild ride. He was truly my greatest adventure. Still is. We have that soul connection and it exists with no one else in our lives but us. We lost contact after I hurt him in my early 20’s when we first met. We picked back up around 5 years later as he was going through his divorce. He comes from a lot of baggage and a toxic relationship. I have always been the person he would run to when things got too hard and heavy to deal with alone. Life never really presented the right time for us to give it a shot in a deeper level. Despite him telling me for the first time when he was drunk a few years ago, that he was in love with me. I told him he was just drunk and wouldn’t remember, but laughed anyways and said I know how he feels on the real. He surely remembered and every time life crossed our paths he told me he loves me.

This summer I thought we had our shot. He had a couple of extreme matters going on involving his kids and his life. Still we decided that I should move up to where he is and that he was going to move in. He moved in his belongings, but due to one of the situations he had to still be where his kids reside with his parents, as well. I understood that as I have a lot of things involving him because it’s not your average. But, I have been where he has been in life quite a bit.. maybe not the exact situations but similar. Our life stories even in times of being apart are as if we have literally lived the same life with different people, but same experiences.

Anyways, he bought new stuff for my house, like appliances, moved in his furniture, and etc. He seemed so happy and excited. I know there were times in him dealing with stresses in which he would cry to me a couple of times when he would stay over. One night he told me he felt like he didn’t deserve me. As if someone like him doesn’t deserve a woman like me. During this time period he had been pretty distant. We weren’t the type of couple that had to be up each other’s butts every day and would go a couple of days without talking. This was more so pulled by him and I am a sign that loves her freedom, so I would just let him do his thing. Over the four months of us, I finally pointed out that I felt he was being more distant that I wanted to be fully okay with and he said he is not used to talking about his problems and kind of closes off. I told him that it was okay to just talk to me, that that’s what I am here for. It didn’t seem to do much but there were a few times I could tell or believed he was trying.

One night a couple of weeks ago I just felt as if he was being a robot and despite knowing he has a lot going on, I wanted to make it clear that I felt like he was pushing me way. So, I told him that I felt like he makes me feel as if I served my purpose and that he doesn’t need me. He had a shocked look on his face and asked me what I meant. I told him that I felt as if it was like he got what he needed from me and was good on me. Like I helped him with his business, his current situations and that its not me he needs anymore. He repeated in response “So, you feel like you served your purpose and that I don’t need you?” I told him yes and that I guess that that’s good that he has things going for the better for him, at least. He mumbled something and then jumped in his car, said he would call me tomorrow and left. He called me the next day. I have my stresses too and I just didn’t want to think about the situation of us because I wasn’t sure how it would go and knowing his behavior that if I tried to mention my feelings, he would rush away. So, I dealt with having to handle a broken hot water heater issue, family stuff, and spending time with my son.

Sunday rolled around and I text him saying that I was having a busy week and listed the things I just mentioned, and that my not speaking wasn’t intentional and from how we don’t have to talk daily that I hope he understands and that I miss him and was thinking of him. He didn’t reply. I tried two more times the following week and he didn’t answer. I called once and got ignored. Friday rolled around and as I am moving houses, I decided to shoot a text about his stuff, because it is expensive.. and that I put in for a new place. He text me about 2 minutes later and said he would call me, but never did.

It’s been about a week now, and still no word. From a friend of mine, I discovered he actually blocked me on Facebook. I never got answers, still haven’t.. and so, I did write him an email about his stuff once more and about my confusion and hurt. Along with an apology for if I let him down somehow, that I hope he finds someone he loves someday as much as I do love him, and that I hope life still becomes the greatest gift of all. No word back, like I said. The most confusing part is he had no problem breaking up with girls as I have in the past seen his messages about it being done, and he wouldn’t block them. I know at one point he blocked one until he said he friend told him that looks like he still cares and so he told me he unblocked her because he doesn’t care one bit. So, that throws me for a loop even more.

What did I do wrong? What can I do? I mean I did everything I could that one should do when you love somebody. Moved cities, got a place we both liked, jump started his business, etc. All to end up as not even his friend after 10 yea rs of being each others constant even if we didn’t talk for months? We never missed a beat.

It doesn’t make sense and I really need some answers, even if it’s from someone who has the same zodiac.


From what you wrote I don’t feel you are too off in terms of the notion that you served a purpose in his life and now because of that he is less invested in you per se. I think a key point personally based on the actions is that the idea of someone helping him is detrimental for his lifestyle in his mind. Therefore this needs to stay under wraps. For example, if you are some kind of speaker that gets paid thousands to talk to people about wealth and all how good will that be when people find out someone else is paying for let’s say your rent? So in my opinion this is the fundamental reason it feels like why he doesn’t want to open up to you completely or how he gets angry about you even mentioning that you feel he is in a sense using you.

To me this makes perfect sense with the blocking as well because it’s like he is trying to shift the power. Him blocking you and you trying to contact him can flip it around where you need him now. You are different from those other girls because the situation doesn’t sound the same in the sense of like you say moving and helping him with his business. Doesn’t seem like those girls did that stuff.

Again, to me this all makes sense in that way. I know for myself if someone did all those things for me where I genuinely needed and appreciate it there is no way you would be on like a “block” list of sort. The joke is usually you would probably try to block me if I start to help you back too much where people feel like they are taking too much.

So with what you wrote anyways my personal thought is the connection you too have is more about items such as relatable circumstances as opposed to genuine care and bonding. Probably not what you want to hear disagree but that’s just how it feels based on what you wrote and the way he is reacting. If what I said is true too then the thing you could do to get him to change per se is to give him a tangible reason on how being attentive to you will elevate his life personally or financially. But in my opinion that’s like a business relationship as opposed to genuine care one.

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