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Laquitta Asks:

I met this guy while I was at work.Iam a cancer woman me and the guy exchanged numbers we talk. The thing is he travels with his job and he stays in Memphis. I stay in Texas I like him so much but, Ive told him personal info and he still wont open up to me.So Idk what to say so I kerp light conversation. How, do I know he likes me or even intetested?


Unfortunately there isn’t much for me to work with here in terms of what exactly you did/said or how he specifically reacted to really give you a personalized analysis. I can only really direct you to some of the other posts I made such as https://piscesview.com/how-do-i-know-if-a-pisces-man-likes-me/ to know if he is interested in you or not.

The only super general thing I can say is if you exchanged numbers and all where he isn’t opening up then you are possibly not adding value to the relationship in a way that he would value at this point in time. It’s not anyone’s fault per se but rather you two sound like you aren’t in a position to give the other what they need at the moment. You basically need to find out what that is.

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  • Catherine June 12, 2016

    I’m a cancer women and with the first Pisces man I’ve ever met. My relationship is new so I can tell you from my experience, the more I opened up and exposed my heart and feelings the more he’s doing the same.
    I think just be genuine and patient. I didn’t understand my guy and took his actions as rejection…we’re Cancers and we tend to do that. But I poured my heart out to him before I walked away and he told me he thought I wasn’t into him and didn’t want to smoother me. lol
    From things I’ve learned in just a few months (and the more you find out about Pisces the more helpful) the more beautiful this sign is and I think sadly misunderstood. I’m learning patience and just letting him know he’s an amazing man and how much he means to you certainly doesn’t hurt with these men. My Pisces has low self confidence but we are so much alike we make sure to reaffirm each other every day.
    Don’t give up on him; be patient and let your wall down and fears go for these guys! They don’t use it against you and they want almost a spiritual connection with their partner/lover. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you’d like, you’ve grown as a Cancer and he’ll probably always be someone you could turn to!
    Good luck! They’re tough and complicated but any special intimate time you may get with them is almost something so amazing, it can’t be put into words!
    Go for it!!

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