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Sonam Asks:

Hi Alan!

Thanks for coming up with this amazing website on Pisces View! It would be lovely if you could give me an insight about whats your take on my current situation and where do you think things are going from here for me and my Pisces guy.

So i am a 27 year old Taurean from India. And i was made to meet this guy who is a Pisces through family in a typical Indian arrange marriage situation. He is a 29 year old Tech guy working in Phoenix U.S and was in India for his yearly holidays where he was made to meet me through his family. It was a good meeting to begin with. I somehow liked him after the first meeting itself. But what i gathered was that he is a very shy, reserved kind of a guy and His parents told me the same. But what i noticed was that he did spoke quiet a bit with me in the first meeting itself.

After which he was off to a vacation with his family. We were in touch even then over msgs though he clearly told me he is not at all active on whats app or fb messenger so the replies can be delayed which was the case to begin with. In the beginning i thought he is not interstead but then i realised that maybe that’s how he is so whats the harm in initiating conversations. And that’s what i did. The conversations increased bit by bit. He cam back from vacation and we met the second time before he left for US.

Which was again very sweet where in we were together for 4 hours without realising. And he told me that he takes time to open up and would like to know a person before finally deciding on marriage and that it takes time for him to trust someone which i thought was really nice of him to tell me. So now he is in US and i am in India. Different time zones. Still we do manage to chat every day even though if its very brief like a good morning and how was your day sorts off.

Then we started doing FaceTime and Skype every Saturday as that’s the only day he is free. He is a workaholic and is actually under a lot of work pressure. Its been 2 months of trying to know each other phase and i like his gesture of making a point toget on a call with me every weekend. So even though there hasn’t any romance entered our conversations as yet because he has told me he doesn’t know if he is romantic. But the way he tells me about his work, his likes and dislikes, etc..etc gives me a very un-said kind of expression which i like but since its unsaid i am not sure whats going on his mind about our future together.

A person like me who is very expressive and emotional finds it difficult to understand things which are unsaid. But some how the kind of ease i get by talking to him infact has changed my perspective about a lot of things. So please let me what do you think about this and where do yousee it going from here and should i at some point ask him about his feelings about me or no?

Thanks a ton!
Much Love


My first reaction was the comment about the not being active on the Facebook or Whatsapp might be true in a sense. But at the same time it feels like it is just a possible excuse to use to not reply. Generally speaking even if he wasn’t active on that a good sign would be that he would give you an alternative method that he would be active on instead as an example. That shows definite interest to build the connection whereas the other way is like strategic cautiousness.

Now you mentioned you have been doing like scheduled video chats afterwards where that would be a good thing in my mind as he doesn’t feel the need to pull the “I am too busy” route it seems as you have a little chemistry at minimum for him to pursue. The main thing that I am a little ignorant about is the fact that you mentioned this is like an arranged marriage where at the same time it’s like he is thinking about. Doesn’t an arranged marriage mean it is happening one way or another? Again, pardon my ignorance on that as that is confusing me a little in analyzing this.

If he is telling you his likes, dislikes and about his work then to me that means jump in full force in the sense of take that as the sign of interest. Assuming the person is like me that is like your golden ticket to start exploring more in-depth about the person. What it leads into varies depending on what happens but to me that is a big deal in terms of the person trying to let you know about them and then seeing what you do with that information, so to speak.

I would say the path at the moment for him is that he has essentially opened the doors and gave you an outline of his life. Now it is your turn to show how you feel you would fit into that life or make it better. Likewise it would be the same for him when it comes to you. In my opinion you shouldn’t need to ask about the feelings per se. That should come through the actions. Example, share your life and see how he tries to make it better and so forth.

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