pisces man mysterious

Hi, I’m Alan and I am the owner and author of picsesview.com.   Yes, I am Pisces by date of birth.  For the most part I suppose if you were to try and describe my character, in many ways a typical Pisces description would fit.

I constantly bump into people who seem to base everything in regards to one’s personality and lifestyle on what their sign is.  From my experience, most people think a Pisces is so “mysterious” where they want to try and find out why they think and act the way they do.  Example, I have heard women constantly wondering why a Pisces guy is not talking to them as you read how Pisces men are suppose to put their heart on their sleeves for you once you can get them to speak with you.

However, I personally believe it comes down to a more straight forward answer on why people are the way they are with factors such as their upbringing, life experience, etc.  Seeing so many people wanting to get answers on why a person like myself seems so darn complex and wondering why….well…….again it is mostly based on upbringing and experiences.

In many ways I think it is kind of silly to assume that a person is going to be nice and thoughtful because they are a Pisces too using those very general descriptions.  Example, I have met a lot of people who are the polar opposite of what you would expect and are actually some of the most deceptive and dishonest people you will ever meet.  Of course, that’s life as everyone is different.

So what do I intend to do with this site?  I will open myself up personally and welcome questions from the curious mind.  Example, wondering why a guy always seems to ignore you and that you seem to be the one that has to take initiative all the time to introduce yourself?  I will answer your question with a logical approach and explanation on why based on my own personality and views.  For me it’s not about the date I was born that does this, but rather my experience in life that molded me to be that way.

So, you can read my site with either two perspectives.  One, if you are an astrology follower and are trying to unmask a Pisces in a certain scenario then I have no issue with you treating this as an “Ask a Pisces” site.  However, if you are just wondering from a simple down to earth explanation on why people that have a personality like myself acts the way I do then I will be happy to address that too.

Bottom line, I am here to have fun and to educate others as well.  My goal in the end is that you will learn some useful tips and knowledge to better communicate or appease a person that has my personality type and style.  Who knows, if it becomes popular enough maybe bigger and better things can come out of this.