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Sara Asks:

I got to know this pisces guy two months ago. We been talking every day all this time but only met twice. He’s been showing interest, affection but he hasn’t been eager to meet me. After he said he liked me very much but couldn’t jump into a serious relationship because he wasn’t ready and that wasn’t a priority for the moment… I told him we could remain friends but enough with the everyday talking. He now sends texts once in three days but after a few discussions he’s turned cold, distant and with no interest in what I’ve been up to. I like him but don’t know what to do, try to better things like they were and be patient with him until he’s ready or leave right away? I can’t understand all his mixed signals!!


From my personal perspective with what you wrote if I was this guy it would make sense why he turned cold as you essentially told him to go away per se. I would personally interpret “enough with the everyday talking” as like “you are annoying bud” so of course one would now be self-conscious as to how to approach you.

Just speaking for myself as an example the constant communication is a good thing. That usually means there is your chance to take initiative as a person like myself is usually way too passive and cautious to want to take the lead. Unfortunately you kind of killed that. So if what I say is accurate then the best way is for you to just take initiative to repair that. Start inviting him to places you know he will love, show him that he can help you in stuff to make him feel special to you. Essentially, just show that you feel he is a unique person that you value your time with and genuinely want more of it.

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