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All of A Sudden Quiet Pisces Man

Somewhat Confused Asks:

Hi Alan,

Maybe you can help shed some light on my situation. I met a Pisces man on a dating site a few weeks ago. For the last few weeks, he has been extremely attentive with messaging and texting every day and all day and we have had an intriguing and fun time with our conversations. He has been the one to initiate each morning and to continue our conversations.

We met for the first time for a casual supper that lasted five hours, laughing, joking and an outright amazing time. The restaurant finally kicked us out, we had an amazing kiss good night and he waited up to make sure I got home. Next morning I received my usual morning message from him but here’s where things got funny.

Since that next morning, he has been quiet except for a random “hope your having a great day” text. He has responded to my texts here and there but that’s where it ends…. did he suddenly change his mind about me or am I reading to much into his disappearance?

Somewhat Confused,

Based on what you wrote it sounds like he simply doesn’t know how to move things forward. I would be inclined to say it’s a test where your level of initiative at this point is reassurance to him as to how you feel about the relationship.

It seems like he is giving you all the hints in the world to take initiative with “hope your having a great day” types of text. If you just responded with. “Oh, my day is great” period then there isn’t much else he can do if he currently feels he has nothing left to offer or showcase to win you over. Similarly, if at this point your messages are just a “How are you” type of approach then all he can really do is respond due to confidence.

In my opinion, this is the inviting/taking initiative part. Instead of asking how he is invite or coordinate an event to go with him to that you know he would be interested in. Hopefully you would be as well. How fast he accepts or rejects your offers is the key signals to look for I say at this point.

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  • Karen August 2, 2016

    Pisces men will usually want the woman to take control over the relationship. They tend to want to hang back, have you work for it. If they happen to have an fire sign Moon, then those will be the Alpha males among them & boy are they amazing. So dang s e x y if you’re lucky enough to land an Alpha Pisces Male. They’ll take care of you, pay for everything, wine & dine you, protect you, work hard to provide you & your kids a great life. Sounds to me like you got yourself a Pisces beta male. That’s too bad because they are the lazy types, they want the world to take care of them. They also tend to be addicted to something, drug or alcohol. And yes, they will be the super charming guys, close down the bars types just like you said. The beta Pisces males are really fun, it’s hard to stay mad at them when you wake up one day and realize they’ve got you paying for everything, doing all the work, all the while they’re in their dream world at home, eating all your food, drinking your wine, not cleaning. But the one thing that all Pisces males have mastered is disappearing. When they want to hide from you, they become very elusive and it could be days or months before they show up again. However, if you push them too hard, or you’re overly mean to them, they’ll disappear forever and they won’t ever come back because they lose interest really fast when ppl hurt their feelings.

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