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Aqua female needs clarification

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Hey there,

I’m an Aquarius female who has been knowing this Pisces male for almost 10 years. We met on a hook up website many years ago and still have remained in contact, oddly. He and I both got in relationships and had children with other people, he even got married.

Throughout it all I always felt like I could fall for him but never allowed myself the possibility. Fast forward to now. He’s separated from his wife because she cheated. He’s so sensitive and easily hurt, I’ve noticed. But anywho, he reached out to me again and we’ve been talking for the past 3 months and are sexually involved. This time is different. I’m falling for him. He texts me all the time, sometimes at the same time daily. I asked him what made him reach out to me and he said because we can talk about anything. I’m here thinking about him all the time.

He’s doing the same things as usual but more consistently. I don’t think either of us are ready for a relationship. I really want to know if he likes me or is this a friendly game he’s divulging in with me. I had another Pisces before and he made it very clear I was the object of his affection. He pursued the heck out of me. Best time with him too. So this Pisces has me stomped. Some days I think he likes me but too shy to say something and other days I think I’m his little confidence booster when he’s feelinhg down about his wife. Please help


I actually kind of got confused in reading your message. If I am reading this correctly you mentioned that you two are sexually involved? Do you mean with each other or with other people? That part is confusing me a bit in relation to the question of if he likes you. To make sure too he is divorced correct as in the end you mentioned the wife still?

But generally speaking from what you wrote I would say the simple answer is it doesn’t sound like he knows what he wants and is going with the flow in many ways. Generally speaking there sounds like a lot of infatuation here in many ways as opposed to like love. The very generic but effective answer in many ways I fell would be if you are wondering if this is “love” and not just say sexual then simply focus more on the non-sexual stuff and see how strong the relationship is.

Almost like a stereotypical example of like if one is just using the other for money or if they truly care for them. Like there take away the money in a sense and what do you see? So with what you wrote so far I would focus more on not how he reacts like say when he wants to be with you in your most ideal form but rather when you are at like in an “undesirable” scenario. Does he still go to you while trying to take care of you or value your company?

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