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Are Pisces Dangerous?

Victoria Asks:

Hi Alan!

I’ve come across an interesting blog article about Pisces. I was just curious on your comments/thoughts about it. Would you be able to read this post and let us know how you feel? http://saishebrokesom.blogspot.com/2013/01/all-of-my-pisces-are-dangerous.html


Okay, I did read the post. My first thought is that Saishe sounds like she is simply sharing her experience with the people she has encountered in her life which has molded the way she thinks about a certain group of people. In this case, a person that is born under the classification of a “Pisces.” While that is fair, my personal opinion is that it is dangerous and unhealthy to blanket statement a group of people this way based on experiences. Instead, I think it would be wiser to judge people based on actions and learn from patterns and behaviors. That’s what I try to do for people personally.

Otherwise I feel this is getting into a dangerous territory on how things like racism is developed. Example, you had bad experiences with people of a certain ethnic background and therefore you start to tell everyone that these groups of people are all say terrorists or something like that. I mean by that classification or in context with the question you asked me, doesn’t that mean you should classify me as a dangerous person since I am a “Pisces” by definition of birth? Although, let’s keep in mind she did write “I’m not saying all Pisces possess the traits described above. I’m only saying all the Pisces in my family and the ones I know up close and personal are all of the above. They’re really sick, and you better believe it.”

Take my life experiences as an example where I shared with you all the perspective on how I have met people in my life that are technically a “Pisces by birth” just like me yet value wise they are like the polar opposite of me. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars to “Pisces” as an example in my life. If you are one of my long time readers then you may notice I constantly say that people with deep intuitive senses can opt to use it for good or bad.

That’s why as well when people send me questions I answer everything based on my personal experience and observations with what I know about people in general. If I think they are just shy but like you then I say so. If I think they are lying or manipulating you then I say so. Then with that I hope I have given you the proper knowledge that you need to truly understand and unlock what the person in your life is really all about.

Take for example this quote where she stated “In most instances, my Pisces won’t come right out and ask you for money. Rather, they’ll give you a sob story to manipulate you into offering [them] what they want.” If you look back at many of my posts, I constantly warn people about things such as a person dumping all these sob stories on you so fast all of a sudden right? So again for me, it’s about my personal understanding of certain behaviours and actions that would raise a red flag which I pass on to readers like you to stay vigilant while making educated decisions.

One thing about reading this though is that it makes me upset where there is actually one of my life stories that I have always been thinking about trying to publish in a more “scientific” and “factual” way for a long time geared towards helping people like Saishe as I have real tangible and documented proof of my experience on how a “Pisces” person that was in my life showcased a lot of the points that she wrote.

Cause quite frankly, I can see and perfectly understand how people like her can look like the nut-job if her experience was anything like mine. Except for me fortunately I had the physical documented proof. So it makes me feel like I am not doing enough with what I have. However, it’s something I feel that would need the aid from other professionals who specialize in the topic which to this date I have never been able to find the assistance and resources for. Maybe one day.

But overall, regardless of your background, the way you look, how you sound, the date you were born and so forth it’s all about education I feel and taking the time to thoroughly understand a person. Maybe I am completely wrong, but in many ways I feel she just needs to know that she isn’t alone in her experiences and that maybe that would help her heal from it all as it feels like she has so much anger and unresolved feelings about it. At the same time, that post was like two years ago so maybe she is a completely different person now and has grown from it.

Just to take the thought a little further too, she has another post titled “A Daughter from Hell” which kind of shares the exact same tone and theme to recollecting her experience except she is labeling her daughter under a different label. It kind of brings back my point about the healing. While I am in no way a doctor, it’s almost like reading stories about people in abusive relationships for years where afterwards they keep questioning why things have happened to them in life and so they lash out trying to find answers in an effort to understand why.

From what I read anyways, first her initial reasoning to kind of get these answers for “comfort” it seems was to conclude that she was a sociopath, narcissist or psychopath. Then afterwards she made the post you linked me where she labels it as because people like her are a Pisces. To me that just furthers my thoughts with the whole being in an abusive relationship example and then desperately trying to find answers.

A simpler stereotypical example too is a guy cheating on a girl where she then questions “why me” as she knows she is a good person and has never cheated on the guy. Then afterwards, in a desperate attempt to find answers for her own self confidence and sanity she reads how “All men are dogs and cheaters who just want to get in your pants” and runs with that as so many other girls with the same experience can’t be wrong right?

Similar to that though, I think it is dangerous and unhealthy to just blanket statement every guy like that. Like there, doesn’t it make more sense to learn from actions and behaviours as technically you could easily reverse that to a girl as well? I don’t think anyone is going to debate with me that there aren’t men that get abused by woman in a similar fashion as well. Ultimately, it’s about a person who feels abused and needing a supportive group of people.

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