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are pisces man begin to respect someone who make them do the talking and shifting to not only listening to someone??and next by how they showing that they are respecting others. i am a virgo women, after i make him do the talk and open up alot about his personal relationship, interest, family and after that he keep initiate conversation but never seems to have long futher conversation, im a type of person who doesnt want to act too bold, then how should i do to getting to know him better and have meaningful conversation again with him. and if he maybe upset about something i maybe done to him what can i do as a female friend to make him forgive me or easy his heart? can you help me, please, for me i think pisces guys lil bit confusing?i want to act bold if its necessary but how?does it work with pisces guys. thanks in advance!!


I think the simple but complex answer to that is yes making them do the talking as opposed to the listening can make them respect/appreciate someone more. In a nutshell this goes back to the points I mention where some people find it so weird that a super reserved guy that listens to everyone can all of a sudden gets scooped up by someone aggressive per se like with your example of making them talk. Because like there it’s very unusual for someone to want to listen to them for a change per se. That’s different than demanding it in a rude way of course.

If you want to act bold then do it in the sense of taking initiative. That means setting up like say the events or time to talk. If the person is upset with you being too aggressive the key I say is to always make sure that you communicate that you are there and for him to go to you whenever they are ready. It’s pretty simple but often it can be nerve wrecking if you are looking for something instant.

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