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Being Nice To See How Nice You Can Be

I heard a person asked me why it is that a person like myself seemed to be so nice to them initially where they would take initiative in offering to say pay the bill or going out of their way to help you out and then all of a sudden everything seems to become just normal. By normal I mean just “Hi and bye” and offering the odd help here and there type of scenario.

I can say that I have definitely done this many times when it comes to people that I have just met. Of course, I always make an effort to be nice to people as it is the common sense and polite thing to do. However, another reason is that I do this to specifically learn more about your character as well.

Let’s say we went to a restaurant and I paid for your bill. Now I guess most people would agree where that was a generous thing to do. This puts me in a mindset where you know that I did something good for you, now let me see you would do the same. If next time we went to say a movie and you offered to pay for my ticket or drink as a direct result of what I did for you last time then that shows me you are genuinely thoughtful and appreciate good deeds. However, if you don’t do anything even remotely generous then that would show me maybe you tend to think about yourself more.

That’s not to say if I gave you $1 then I expect a $1 in return next time, but it’s the whole thought that counts process. Like with that, it would be no surprise that I won’t go out of my way to say donate something to you again. I’ll still be nice, but I won’t go above and beyond. It just comes down to that trust factor and genuineness factor that a person like myself is constantly trying to analyze in others.

As well, when you think about it that test can be a crucial way to determine if I want to get to know you better too. So if the person was super nice at first, funny enough the saying is true where if people are super nice to you they usually want something. In this case, it’s learning more about you.

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  • tcc August 21, 2009

    Came across your blog and I must say it is quite interesting and insightful to know the pyschology. What you wrote gave me some clues to better understand someone I just knew. I always wonder how come he’s so generous in paying the bills and lending a helping hand. He treats most of the time and did a big favor recently that I feel bad to put him through some trouble and want to return his kind act.

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