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Nikki Asks:

I like this pisces guys hes sweet, we have fun together the whole nine. Im 25 hes 30 When its time to make plans its always miscommunication. I guess im not understanding the inconsistencies thing with this pisces. He told me he really likes me, but doesn’t want to be feel obligated to anything translated commited! I mean thats how i took. Now sure where things go from here. He texts me all day hes very affectionate maybe thats why I was hella confused. He even talked about me being his lady …. I think hes dope tho best advice? Once a man usually tells a woman they your friendszoned right? lol its no point to expect anything further. Idk but advice on him


The general rule of thumb I would say is regardless if you have miscommunications and all if he always followed it up but trying to setup a new time as an example then he is really into you. If not then in many ways you aren’t a priority in his life at the moment. Example, maybe being with you isn’t giving him as much energy as other sources.

If he texts you all day then you need to analyze why he is sending you those texts. Is it to be nice to respond to you? Is he actively trying to be a part of your daily life? Doesn’t want to feel obligated to me usually means one is afraid that they will make a decision they can’t get out of. So there is something about this relationship dynamic that is cloudy at the moment. Because realistically if everything was 100% perfect what reason is there not to jump into it? All these little details you have to look at unravels it.

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