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China Asks:

I have a guy friend he is a Pisces and so I’m I. I like him an he like me as well. I just came out of a bad relationship, so it’s hard for me trust someone right now. I have deep feelings for him, but I told him I had a bad dream about us. It kind of made feel like he was hiding something. When I told him about he haven’t responded to me since Sunday morning. He won’t answer none of my text messages. He won’t even return my calls nor answer my calls. What do I do from here. I told him I’m sorry over a thousand times. An he still won’t say nothing to me. How do I fix it with him.


I feel you have to demonstrate it through actions which ironically means you shouldn’t care about him. What I mean is you saying you had a bad dream in that way already implies drama and negativity. For example, you are anticipating something bad will happen and he will be on the receiving end of it. So it makes sense for a person to want to avoid that.

By constantly texting him and phoning him too with this scenario is kind of showing that drama too if you think about it. Imagine like me wanting to give you a candy bar. You then tell me in a dramatic way that you think that candy is poisonous and that you felt I was trying to harm you. As a result I walk away. As I do you now start following me and telling me that you still want the candy. What do you think I would do? Yup keep walking. The more you ask too now the farther away I would want to be from you.

Like there the only real solution is you have to make sure you are in the right state of mind and fully back to yourself as you say you are still recovering from a bad relationship. Like with the candy example you can only then allow me on to pass by on my own accord and if I see that you seem authentic now then I will give the candy. Can he potentially go to someone else or like with the candy I may end up giving it to someone else? Yes of course. But that is out of your control as you need to focus on yourself first I feel.

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