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Confused about a pisces man

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I have been reading your posts, and let me say this I have been loving every single one. So I decided to try this out and hope you’d respond…I’m 21, transferred to a new college a few months ago and on the first campus party a lovely pisces man approached me (well his friend did, then he came in i guess it was his wing man!) and got my number, but it never went beyond that I guess he was expecting me to initiate and I thought he just forgot because it was a party and we were drinking.

..He never said anything to me until first semester was over and on NYE we started talking again (came across eachother on tinder) asked me if i still remember him and he asked about my family and my likes/dislikes and he invited me to his place a few times but i said no because I like him more than of just a hookup. a few days went by and I asked him about a party and he said he doesnt know but advised me to go ( I went with a few friends obliviously thinking he wouldnt come) so he shows up with his friends! and I tried ignoring him because if he wanted to come with me he would have texted me or something right?

yeah, so he grabs my arm and starts chatting me up for the rest of the night (one of his friends told me he likes me but when i asked him he just laughed like its the biggest joke) then I drove him to his place and he didnt try to hook up but asked if I have been seeing anyone and i said no because i recently moved there and we just talked for the rest of the night and i went home. he asked me to hang out with him again during the week but i was working so i couldnt, so the next day i asked him to do something with me (during the day) and he said he is busy.

so I think he has lost interest because he only wanted me for a hook up and nothing more, although he is friendly at school too. uh the mystery is killing me, he is always by himself reading or something, and no one ever sees him with a girl. so I am really confused now? I went out of my way asking him to hang out and now i feel rejected…If you were patient enough to have read this I would be SO thankful if you give me an answer.

thank you so much, hope to hear from you. xo


Your situation sounds more like a power struggle of sorts where your actions have led him to be in a sense passive aggressive to your requests. When he rejected you saying he is busy was it followed up with like “I can’t as I am busy but I am free the next day” as an example? If not, then I am inclined to say you rejected him a bit too much where he either doesn’t care to chase after you or he is trying to get even with you in a sense for “hurting” his feelings.

With his laughing response it’s kind of important to know what he actually said if anything aside from the laugh. Because you need to determine if it is in a sense nervousness or an act to play the “man” so to speak. If he truly didn’t care he would just say with a straight face in a normal tone of voice that it isn’t true. Over reaction like that usually means otherwise.

To me anyways overall it sounds like you have a game of cat and mouse here. The two easiest ways to really find out more I feel is to either directly ask him for legitimate help in ways that you know for sure he is the right guy for or invite him to an activity you know that he would always be ken in going. This gives you the leverage to potentially learn more about him and in a way directly answers your question if he is interested in you.

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