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Confused about a Pisces man

Aries Girl Asks:

I’ve been conversing with a Pisces man for about 4 months mostly through text he always responds unless I’m asking him to meet face to face. We have been out a couple of times not too often. He has disclosed some personal information to me and has spoken of some important issues in his life. Lately he has started showing up at places where he knows I hang out. I’m not sure what to think. I do like him but I don’t know if I should keep it at a friendship or try for more.

Aries Girl,

Your question sounds like that is purely for you to answer as I can’t really say if you should pursue the person or not in the sense of if he is right for you. I don’t know your preferences and desires in a relationship as an example. All I can really say with what you wrote is that he has an active presence in your life and I will assume here that he is “single and available” to be scooped up by someone.

If you say he has disclosed some personal information to you then how you reacted to it is an important detail as well I say as to why or why not he would be more directly engaged with you. Example, it can be if it was something traumatic/sensitive to him where your response was simply “Oh, so sad to hear. You’ll get through it” then for a person like me it creates doubt about your level of care. This is versus someone who would be more pro-active in trying to actually find ways to say help one to cope with it per se.

The part about requesting to meet face to face is a little unclear to me. Example, are you saying he just flat out ignores it or do you feel that just because he doesn’t respond right away that there is some hidden meaning to it? I would be inclined to say that if you are asking him to meet to get to know him better maybe you aren’t being specific enough as to why. For a person like me as an example you often need to give me a reason if the relationship between us isn’t like super tight.

Example, the “Hey do you want to hang out” wouldn’t work that well versus “want to attend this event that is happening together” scenario. Overall I would say it sound like he just isn’t very confident in-person with you for whatever reason. “Accidentally” bumping into you alleviates that pressure as an example.

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