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Confused on way forward

Jade Asks:

Hey…I’ve known a pisces guy for 2 months now. He was the one who started the flirting. We saw each other almost twice a week last month but Nov my schedule changed and it was just texting. 2 weeks ago I ran into him and he asked to meet up for the weekend for a drink, 3 days later he texted we should just be friends cz he thinks he can’t give me what I want and I should date someone else. He disappeared. I texted asking him if he was ok and yesterday he said I need to stop sending “alot” of messages (3 in that week). If he doesn’t want to date me or checking in on him as a friend upsets him, what should I do?


By the sounds of it his actions feel like he has a bruised ego due to him not getting the responses from you that he would imagine. Therefore, he wants to make himself feel better where telling you to stop sending him “ a lot” of messages is like him trying to regain that confidence where it’s like in his mind you don’t have like “control” over him anymore and is trying to imagine you as like the one that wants him now.

I would personally feel that in this case you would have to just live life like normal but at the same time making it apparent that there is always room for “one more” in your life where a person like him would be perfect. He has to believe that too. Example, the whole world knows you are going to go to like a concert or whatever where unfortunately you need to go alone. He just happens to see this and loves the same concert. After a few times I would be inclined to say the person would be in a “”why not” type of direction where they then feel like they are in a way doing this for you to again help them rebuild that confidence.

I am actually not sure if you specifically rejected him in anyway either previously which would of course add to the whole situation. But generally speaking he just sounds like he needs a lot of attention and reassurance once you have him too.

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