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I met this mysterious creature exactly a year back. He was all head over heels for me know the first day itself… He said he liked me and where was I all these years. Said things a girl would love to hear. We spoke for around 6hours straight. Met for a few days… Then it all started the out of scene. No communication, etc Spoke for a few days then off for few days.. He said he is not the right guy for me. In between he had financial problems, his relatives were in hospital back to back… I don’t know how much of it was true.

I still held on. I didn’t know why but I did. I really liked the way he looked at life and what I spoke to him initially. Few months back I told him I can’t stay in confusion and said I should move on. He said I need time and would try and needs a last chance. Since then communication has been great. I love him. He is taking efforts and re affirms that he is there and I should trust him.

But reading all the posts and can relate to most of the post.. Has created a little doubt because of the uncertain behavior of Pisces men. I don’t wanna loose him. And me being a scorpion, want committed relationships.

Once I asked him why you want to give this a try, he said because I like you. Is that sign enough to still hold on. I’m trying my best to be patient. Can you clear my little confusion.

Thanks in advance.


Based on what you wrote, I would be inclined to verify the information he has given you about the hardships in his life. While it isn’t true in every case of course, I have just found more often that a person who dumps all these hardship stories at once on you tend to use it as bait to win sympathy and trust. Kind of like how I expressed before that some people use their keen personality senses for good and some bad.

Saying things like “because I like you” in my view is very non-committal and strategic I feel in this situation. It’s kind of like in one’s mind you feel the need to say something to keep things going and so you just blurt out the most generic response. Example, saying something else such as “Because I am very happy when we are together” or “I feel we can be ourselves around each other” is more of a sign that the person is pursuing it in a serious relationship way.

Ultimately, I think your course of action is due diligence. Start putting the facts together and see if the life he portrays matches up to his actions.

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  • Maggie October 5, 2015

    Thank you for the post… That phase of problems was a bad phase that is what he confirmed.. We met once for an entire day.. After that he proposed.. He said I love you… And now working hard towards the relationship now.. I love him too.. Yes I will match up what he portrays.. He says sorry for whatever happened and will make sure will not do something that will hurt me.. Comforts me a lot.. But still what I can see is the impulsive behavior.. Observed he wants to achieve a lot of things but can hardly get to it.. I support him in whatever he does.. Be positive around him..

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