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Hopeful Asks:

Hi! First, thank you for your help.

So, I’ve known this Pisces guy since we were in high school (16-17). I’m a gemini. I’ve always had a tiny crush on him ever since I met him. We hung out. He used to do my piercings for a bargain. We have mutual friends.

We started hooking up about a year or two after we met. Now, I’ve moved in and out of the city over the years, so we have only hooked up maybe once every few years or so (though, I think he remembers there being more times than I remember).

Present day: i was visiting the city because im going off to the army soon and i asked him if he wanted to hang out. I hadn’t seen him in about 5 years, and we hooked up again. This time, I crashed at his house and we cuddled, hung out a little in the morning before he went to work.

I’ve never gotten deep feelings for him before (most likely the gemini glibness) but this time was unexpectedly different and I’d developed a hardcore crush. I texted him a week later confessing to said crush and he said he liked me, too.

Now, being that I’m going off to basic, neither of us have mentioned anything further than “I like you/I like you too.” What I’m wondering is if it’s worth it to perhaps pursue a relationship with him in the future when I have more time to spend with him? Or is this relationship doomed to remain casual?


The interesting thing about your story I feel is how even though you haven’t seen each other for years you two just hook up still. To me, the real answer behind whether or not this is doomed to remain casual as you say kind of depends on what the story is when you are not around. For example, is he constantly hooking up with others as well during the times you are not there? Is he just sitting there alone where you then happen to come into his life?

Like there, if you are the only one he hooks up with then all you need to do is take initiative to push it forward I would think where you should start now. If he is hooking up with a bunch of other people too then this requires more “convincing” you could say and it is probably better to only try when you have the time to dedicate to it. I mean is it worth it to you? That’s the real question.


  • Hopeful January 2, 2016

    (This is Hopeful)
    Thank you again, for your insight.

    Yes, we both hook up with other people, but I believe he’s been dating the same 2 girls the whole time. From what I know he doesn’t get around much. He seemed all too eager to see me this time. (Possibly “starved” of contact for a while)

    Either way, I’m up for the challenge. To me, it’s worth pursuing when “the time is right.” Even if I fail, I’d feel better knowing for sure than wondering “what if I had only taken the initiative?”

    I’ve been reading your site a lot, and I’m slowly understanding that I sort of have to take the lead on this if I want it to go anywhere. I’ve got a plan! 🙂

  • Alan January 2, 2016

    I can attest to that notion if it gives you more motivation where there are quite a few times where a person could have potentially developed something with me but simply didn’t take the initiative to do so. So go for it. 😀

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