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Did he put on a scheme?

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I am a scorpio woman..I met a pisces man on the instagram. We met and had dinner. He kept on asking me why we had not met before. I told him about my plans of moving to Africa. He said he had the same dream and even made plans. I asked him if he was dating anyone and he said he had a girlfriend for two years but he was staying with her because he felt sorry. At the end of the night he walked me home and kissed me. He called and texted me since then. .he kept on telling me how much he wanted me. So we made a date to see each other at his place.

HE texted me during the day saying he might have to postpone the date due to some business meeting. Then he said we were on. HE picked me up we went to his place. He literally jumpe on me and we had sex. Then he called the guy who was working for him and said the guy he was going to meet was asking for him. He aske me if he could go to meet the guy for an hour and told me to wait for him. I said ok. He got dressed and a he wa about to leave I asked him if anyone would stop by like the woman he was dating. He said no and he left.

Five minutes later he comes back and says she might come by and maybe it would be better if i left. I got very pissed. Got dressed. He drove me to where he picke me up. On the way I told him that i felt vey bad. HE apoligized hundred time and keot on saying he felt very bad too. I told him it felt like a scheme to get me to sleep with him and leave his place. He kept saying it was not. Was it a scheme? And if i keep quiet would he call me?


Based on what you wrote I guess you could say it was a scheme if you want to use that word. It would seem to me that he has things thought out with a lot of contingency in place. For example, I would imagine his “business meeting” was actually whether or not he could ditch his girlfriend for the night. While that did seem to be the case she probably said something along the lines of she is free now which he can’t get out of.

I would imagine too if you keep quiet at this point he would probably still try to contact you in some way to see if you are in a sense still gullible in all this to do stuff with him still.

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