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Do You Want To See Any Kind of Growth or Addition To The Site

I have been thinking of writing a post like this for a while now just to try and get a better feel and understanding for everyone who has ever visited and has gotten questions answered. The suggestion about making a book of sorts with all the information I have here kind of made me think maybe it’s a good time to ask.

When I started this site it was pretty much on a whim as I didn’t have any real expectation other than maybe I can help a few people understand a person with my personality type better. As time went on, I am still surprised as to how many people I have had the opportunity to help through this little tiny blog. I was even saying in another thread that if I look at my Word document which has a mix of most of my work on this site it consists of 257 pages and 121,713 words in it…… Crazy to think about. It does get me thinking though, is there something people would love to have or see that will assist them better to understanding a personality type like mine?

As a general overview, the way I pretty much operate at the moment is if I hear things in my everyday life where people are constantly wondering why I am the way I am then I tend to write a post about it as it tells me thousands of people probably have the same question. As well, when people send me questions through this site it helps me to understand what topics I should write about to better help people on top of addressing their question specifically.

There were a lot of things I was thinking about before such as adding a forum or maybe even doing things like monthly podcast or something to create more ways for people to get to know and help each other. At the same time, I don’t really know if what I do currently is good enough for the type of people that come here. Example, no real point in putting a bunch of 500 pound weights in the gym if the audience is predominantly people who can only lift under 300 pounds. Or like adding hundreds of flowers to a garden if everyone that currently visits it is allergic to them. Honestly, the only real information I understand is that the most active posts in terms of visits seems to be consistently “How To Know If A Pisces Man Likes You“ and “How To Win Back or Get Forgiveness From A Pisces Man.” It kind of falls in-line with the type of questions I usually get too which mean most of the stuff is geared towards relationship topics.

So in writing this post I am hoping to maybe learn more about people like you in regards to things you like or want more of to better help enlighten you about whatever your questions may be about people that have a personality like me. Example, whatever way you discovered this site before did you get the answers you were looking for? Is the “Ask a Question” format good enough? Or was there certain things you believe would make everything a lot better?

Feel free to throw out any thoughts as the new year’s is coming up and if I hear any suggestions that are within my means and capability of creating then I don’t mind doing it. Especially if it means I can increase my ability to help and communicate with people better. So with that, I’ll leave this post up and see if it generates any interesting thoughts and ideas. So far, I heard a book. Just generally speaking too, I think resource and capability wise the only thing I could do at this point with that is like a simple Ebook of some sort. But just an example of throw out your thoughts/ideas and I’ll see if if there is anything I can do.


  • Flower December 5, 2015

    Alan, hi again.. In many posts or articles that i read about Pisces in general on net, they project negatively about pisces personality. Accusing them of being alcoholics, drug addicts, lazy, impractical, manipulative, or players and so on… Leaving us getting apprehensive about pisces man at all. Whereas At the same time we will also find articles about Pisces being very sensitive, compassionate, artistic, dreamers , or spiritual and so on.. Like in one article i read about Pisces:
    ” The charming and relaxed manner of the Piscean man makes him attractive to many people. He is non-judgmental, curious and easy to talk to. Because he is such a great listener, people will often look to him as a shoulder to lean on. The Pisces male can often feel overwhelmed by the problems of others because he is so sensitive; it is his natural instinct to help.”..
    Which lead many of us emotional females to start blindly fantasising about Pisces males and raising our expectations to hilt, which when collides with unpredictable personality of Pisces, breaks our hearts into pieces, leaves us wounded and bewildered about them forever, hating them so much.
    But never have I found any blog who could have explained in so details about understanding Pisces men, regarding why they act in such manner, how to interpret their actions (often subtle), to know when they like you, and particularly to understand when they are taking advantage of you only too. Its like whole school of teaching about people with personality like you Alan. Hence if you think about compiling all your work in form of a book it might not only help many heart broken people like us in this generation in understanding pisces males, but rather it might be read by next many generations, and you will be remembered and felt grateful for by many people for long.. ???

  • Alan December 5, 2015

    Hi Flower,

    Oh, thank you. That is actually interesting information for me. I have mostly had the mindset that when people like you arrive here it’s more about trying to understand “why and how” in term of various actions. Basically, if this was like a medical site I always thought people came in here with a mindset of “What causes headaches and what can you do about it?”

    I actually never thought too much about the harsher aspect where it’s like people getting duped by others who claim to be doctors sort of deal where they then arrive at a site to learn how to spot the difference. Actually, what you say makes so much more sense in terms of some of the search terms I see. Some people actually type in words such as “How to hurt a pisces man” which to me sounded a bit extreme. But again it makes sense though as you say if it is was someone that had that expectations of a person being the compassionate guy where in reality they had the manipulating one.

    Almost makes me think like I should invent some kind of role playing quiz/activity based on the people I have met in my life so people like you can better identify which version of a guy you are dealing with.

    On a side note, I was playing around with the book idea. Seems so intimidating to me so far even with this template……


  • Flower December 5, 2015

    Lolzz Alan… Yes it do looks intimidating even to me although I have spent all my life with books( mostly academic books).. But worry not and leave the formatting part to the editor. Or you can hire anyone to do the compiling part for you if you ever got interested. Anyways its a matter of preference for every person that how he wants to propagate his work or research. Till now you are doing just perfectly fine Alan… Just keep up your good work. Book or no book doesn’t matter, as your present website is providing enough help to us. !!

  • Curious_lady December 7, 2015

    Our precious Alan,

    Do not worry about the template. Indeed, academic/publishing editorial boards and peer review editors can really be a pain. However, there are some great courses on Academic writing and Academic writing in English which can be very useful when it comes to technical aspects and the so-called logical flow of a written piece or a book. There are also some books on how to properly write an academic piece. A very good book about academic writing is this one: Effective writing in English: a coursebook, by Mike Hannay and J. Lachlam Mackenzie.

    Best of luck, and keep on doing good for us with your post 😉

  • Alan December 7, 2015

    Hi Curious_lady,

    Thank you for the recommendation, I think this is the book you are referencing to:


    I was a little confused as the book mentions it is targeted at people who speak Dutch and whether or not that would make it difficult for me to understand. I almost feel like I need to trade in some EQ for IQ for this…..

  • Curious_lady December 14, 2015

    Hi Alan,

    I apologize for the little late reply. It is indeed true that Prof. dr. Mike Hannay teaches at a Dutch University (I believe he is a Duchie himself). However, the version of the book that I was thinking of, and therefore, that I was referring to, is in English. The copy that I checked last had green cover. I found a sample of the first 20 pages online, so here it is: http://uitgeverij-coutinho.cld.bz/Effective-writing-in-English#1

    I hope this helps a bit.

    By the way, before you decide to buy any book, I would suggest you to check the libraries near you if they have the particular book (especially try any University library), and then check if the content fits your needs for improving knowledge in wirting in English. I certainly do not want to spend huge money ($200…insane) on a book that may not be of use for you.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Alan December 15, 2015

    Oh, no worries. :D. Good idea about the library. So far every editor I talked to seems like it would go into the four figure range in terms of cost. So this will take some time to research and learn what I would really need. Just for everyone’s knowledge too, the first hurdle I have encountered if I was to do this is my ability to even be allowed to publish certain types of stories which makes it tricky for some stuff since I often use actual real life events to help educate you all.

  • Curious_lady December 23, 2015

    Hi Alan,
    True that, you would need to pass and get a permission from an Ethical board before even you write anything based on real life stories. Then, you would most probably need to get a consent from the persons whose stories you would use, even if you hide their personal data. Am not sure about this one though, especially not about the latter situation when you would hide the names and any revealing information about the real persons, but I think that you still would need a consent. You probably need to check that properly. As far as I know, in order to print (with editors of course) any book, you will need to pay at least about 2000-2500 euros. Best of luck with achieving your goal.

    I will keep on checking this post in case you have any questions and if I could eventually help somehow.

  • Alan December 27, 2015

    This is definitely getting way more complex than I thought it would. Holy moly. Who would of thought simply sharing real life stories to help educate others would have so much technicalities to it? At least where I live as apparently things like freedom of speech and expression are different. The biggest factor is about what kind of light people are portrayed in.

    Just to use a simple example for everyone, my recent post at https://piscesview.com/winning-the-heart-of-a-pisces-by-showing-compassion-and-assistance-without-asking/ is a good demo.

    In my view that is literally my thoughts and feelings throughout the incident so that people can learn from it. No harm right? However, for the “supervisor” person in the story I can kind of see how people may shine him as like the “jerk” for not taking me off the floor. Even though there are no names or anything mentioned, if by fluke chance the person read it and was able to prove that was indeed him then he could then deny that they ever did that. While I can prove it with facts if need be, you can imagine the crazy amount of work it would involve to the point where it isn’t about understanding things like a mindset as opposed to re-constructing a situation with tangible facts. Would kind of defeat the purpose of the writing. Of course, this is an extreme example.

    Almost like the only way to do this is through a fictional route like how movies say “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”. But that sounds like it would require someone else to write it. Reading all this stuff sure makes it clearer why people like assault victims are so afraid to share their story.

    This all based on stuff I read so far of course and maybe I am wrong. So now the challenge is thinking what is the ideal writing style for the intended audience (Which is people like you all)? Cause like now my assumption is the current style is what resonates with people to understand but there are technical difficulties with that if it was done in a more formal type of publication.

  • Curious_lady January 19, 2016

    Hi Alan,

    Sorry for the late reply. Life is somewhat busy around NYE for many people, including me.

    I can see your point in your last reply. However, one sub-question is important to start with when you decide what type of knowledge-sharing you want to use. It is the question of deciding what sort of publication you want to end up with. If you want to publish a book, you will have to decide what type of book you would like to publish and with which publisher. Each publisher has their own requirements and each style has their own requirements, when it comes to both, way of writing and obtaining consent. If it is a more of an academic work, then you would have to primarily put more of an academic support to the issues you are writing about, then research questions and only then support your hypotheses, arguments and theoretical basis (lit review) with the examples. I am not sure what type of publication you intend to do. My knowledge in non-academic publishing is not only limited, but non-existing even. Thus, I am sorry I cannot help there.

    But, I know about Metthew Hussey who is a dating trainer, and I know that he had written a book called ‘Get the guy’. Now, I have no idea how academic that book is, but I would not be surprised if it is more of an academic piece, bearing in mind that his brother (Oxford PhD graduate) mainly wrote the very text. Still, since it was directed to ‘every-day’ girls as the main audience, it should be somewhere in between academic piece and public read (or whatever the name of a piece directed to the wider public is called). I do not know the publisher of the book, but maybe checking that book and checking the style used there might be of help for you. The book was a best-seller at some point I believe (not sure though).


  • Alan January 23, 2016

    When you mentioned NYE I was thinking back to the question you asked me before where I used the hypothetical example of the guy inviting you to a New Years Party. Made me wonder if he actually did that. 😀

    For now the book idea was just brought up here from readers as a suggestion to further expand the knowledge to others on different platforms. Ideally I would just be able to copy and paste the blog posts as an example but I don’t think it can work that way. I was even mentioning before that maybe something like an Ebook is all I could really do as I personally don’t have the knowledge and resources to know what to do when it comes to publishing like a “professional” book.

    Almost like saying, instead of just starting and writing on this blog most would never have written stuff like this publicly unless they were hired as like a professional editor in some magazine or newspaper. So for many of you I assume you were savvy enough to use things like a search engine to find me where hopefully picking my brain a bit helped to enlighten you about your situation.

    So that’s where the book idea kind of originated from to share the knowledge with people who may not be as search savvy as you all. As a result, if I was to do this I am looking for the simplest way to kick it off as an example and if it gets enough support then I will entertain the thought of putting way more energy and resource into it. Like the blog, I just did it and based on people’s feedback I wouldn’t mind pushing it further with like a book idea now if it is feasible. Baby steps at a time.

    It’s no worries really where if it is simply something I don’t have the ability to do then it will simply be on the shelf of ideas until something in life comes along the way to provide time to do it. All my skills are mostly in creative and technical. Things involving in-depth academic type of procedures and politics is not my strong suit.

  • Flower March 11, 2017

    Wow Nice changes, now we can upload our profile pics, and send each other messages too. Liked it really.. these are changes that we were looking forward too for a long time i guess. So glad that u did it now ! ?

  • Alan March 11, 2017

    Oh, I thought those were enabled ever since. I know for the profile pics you need to upload it and all otherwise you get a default random image.

  • Flower April 15, 2017

    Hi Alan,
    I wanted to ask you if there can be any way that we can edit or delete our original comment on your wall on in any post? Because its like one way road where we can’t return to the other way even if we want.

  • Alan April 16, 2017

    If by wall you mean comments in general, as opposed to the sidebar, no people can’t just edit them. Would be awkward in my mind too with the current format on how I answer questions. Example, spending a lot of time answering a question and then for some reason the person deletes their portion. The conversation wouldn’t make sense to the person reading.

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