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Does he like me

Anala Asks:

So there’s this really cute Pisces guy at my school and in class he used to just look at me a lot so I decided to talk to him and he barely talked but like most of the time he was leaning into me but he seemed uncomfortable a little bit and so I we talked a couple times after and I was just out right like come hang out with me and my friend he said he couldn’t so I told him that I wanted to get to kno him and he turned kind or red and started smiling and he was like as friends and I was like no a little more cuz your cute and then I was like so what you think he didn’t say anything and I was like and I getting rejected and he was like no and I was like then what’s the move and he was like I don’t know and ran to class but the next day I. Our classes I kept catching him looking at me what does this mean?


It almost sounds like he straight up likes you but is extremely shy and doesn’t know what to do. So it’s more about what should you do to get him to feel comfortable. I think the best strategy is often what I mention a lot where if you can find something that you genuinely need help with where you and himself knows that he would be the perfect guy to help that is a great way to break the ice if the person is too shy.

It takes the pressure off that he needs to “impress you” as there is a legitimate task that needs to be done. From there you can build the relationship.

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