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Get my Pisces back

Laura Asks:

i met a guy online,a Pisces, its been aroubd 5-6 months..He asked me to marry him, and we both were in love and we are of an older age lol 58 & 53.Anyways, all was just fine but he had 2 deaths in 1/1/2 weeks..i am not sure why, i know my stress level is at an all time high.

I didnt feel like i was needed so i told him i was going to have to say goodbye..and hit the sent button..well he is so hurt and mad at me..said i dumped him and let him down in his time of sorrow..Of course i am broken over this, and i have tried repeatedly to say i am sorry in so many ways but he only sent 2 texts and that is all…I know he loves me..and i love him..id id the most uncaring thing to him..i love him more than anything or anyone.

Ive been a basket case for the last week..i cry constantly to the point I get sick..i am so mad at myself..i can not get him to realize it was stress or my lack of thinking as to why i asked him if we could wipe the slate clean and start over..he wont even answer my emails and or texts..I love him so much..i cant even think straight because i am crying so much and such pain…in my heart..is there any way anyone knows how i would approach this to get him back? he knows i am not a mean spirited person..and he knows my stress level with things going on in my life…please someone have an answer


The general answer to stuff like this I would say is learn to live without him while at the same time genuinely being opened to helping him if he needs it. That’s it really as the choice has to be left up to him. You just need to be genuinely in a state of mind that you are there for him if he needs it without an ulterior motive. Helping him to get him back would be an ulterior motive as an example. That is easier said than done of course.

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