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Giene Asks:

I am a Leo woman. I really am serious about this man. He is however mad about an event that somewhat broke his trust for me. I want to rekindle what went wrong and I want to put it all behind us. We are working together on a few business ventures and I want us to do them AND be together. Any help? I really miss and think I love him.


It’s a little difficult to suggest what to possibly do without knowing a general idea on how damaging the event was to harm the trust between you two. The only real general thing I can say is that even for myself if I felt like I have given the other person my trust and loyalty only to in a sense be betrayed it is extremely hard for you to win that trust back. I would personally need to see consistent action in the most unprepared way. Example, if I think you are mean spirited then the stereotypical scenario would be one day I saw you helping this poor animal and rejuvenated it out of sheer care and compassion where you had no idea anyone was even watching. Again, I would have to see that consistently too as it would be a very hard thing to fake.

If you both are actually running a business venture together still then I would imagine that gives you ample opportunity to naturally build the relationship again. If this ordeal was actually “minor” then odds are you can easily repair with time and consistency. You just need to be yourself and don’t be afraid to open up emotionally when appropriate. Afterwards how he responds is not something you have control over and Is for you to assess if you still have the patience for him in that way.

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