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He stopped communicating with me

Amanda Asks:

Hi, Alan.

A month ago, I caught him cheating on me, found long strands of hair in his shower, I have a shoulder length hair and definitely was not mine. So, I ended it. Two Sundays ago, he texted me to meet him at his place. He told me he missed me and he wanted us to start with a clean slate to have a serious relationship. He promised me the sun and moon. I was skeptical but I wanted to believe it, he also told me I can call him. So I did, two missed FaceTime attempts, a couple of texts, a few voicemail later, no answer. On Friday before last, I texted him are you done with me then he texted me that he just came back from San Francisco and he was gonna call me later that night. Well, I replied whatever. Because he could not text me to tell me he couldn’t talk at that moment? Anyway, he stopped communicating with me completely. I am so confused. If he wasn’t into me why did he want me to give him a chance. I have been seeing him for a year and five months and this was my third time taking him back. He is ten years older than me and he has all these plausible stories to tell me. I don’t believe none of them but I accepted him for how he was. I really love him but I had to love myself more to stop seeing him but I listened to him and he let me down again. I don’t know what will happen but if I keep taking him back, it is definitely take me back to unhealthy situations. I cook for him, cater to him, and I have been exclusive with him but he is too shady. I am just hoping he can tell me either way, so he can stop stringing me along. Why is he doing this to me?


I feel the simple answer with what you wrote is you are being played and need to walk. The more complex answer is it sounds like it is a simple game of sorts for him in terms of shifting blame while erasing a record. Imagine it like a scenario where someone just got a criminal record where it is stuck with them for life unless they get it pardon or dismissed. To exaggerate it let’s say the person was indeed guilty.

If you think about it that record will follow them everywhere in life. But if he gets pardoned or dismissed he can live life as if it never happened to the new people that he meets. Now imagine he keeps doing a crime each time and finds a way to get pardoned. Sounds crazy but in essence imagine that is what is happening with you here. He is basically getting you in a sense to “forgive” him so if you end up being the crazy one after such as yelling at him technically he can now use that to mask everything he has done to you as he has a way to say you are the nut job now. All while at the same time new people are clueless about it.

You are literally the judge and jury here where you can dictate what happens and I think you are witnessing the same result each time if you keep forcing him per se in my opinion. Another thought is do you really love him or the idea of him? In my opinion anyways if he loved you he wouldn’t do that.

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  • Amanda May 21, 2018

    Thanks? Truth hurts but I really love this guy. I can’t help it. It won’t be easy to walk. He did contact me and we talked for a long time. At this point, I probably should walk but I am hoping it will some how works out. Crazy? I really love him with all his mind games, disappearing acts, and all.

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