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Good evening, I am still so very much in Love with a Pisces man. We were together for a year and a half when I discovered he was cheating on me, he broke up with me even though I wanted to stay together. We remain friends best friends actually, he has started dating again and I’m crushed to say the least. So my question is how do i win him back? I’m pretty sure he knows that I love him still we talk every day… please help me


There isn’t really much context to your post unfortunately in terms of an analysis. It feels like your situation is simply about what do you two want in life and what are the best ways for you two to achieve those goals? If neither of you help one another with that by being in a relationship then why would either pursue it?

You mentioned he cheated on you and then he broke up with you. So in like a different positive light way maybe he is saying he knows he will cheat on you again and doesn’t want to. Therefore, it’s best to break it up and here is your opportunity to find someone who won’ do that to you. Like there do you truly understand or dug deep as to why he cheated in the first place? You basically need to solve that if you want to “win him back” per se. Though I know a lot of people would probably be screaming at that remark as it sound so dubious for you to want to ”win him back” as it should be the other way around if he cheated on you. But overall it’s that straight forward I feel.

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  • Rosie April 2, 2017

    Ya know Virgo, I used to fall in love madly with a Pisces guy a few years ago who was a very dear friend of mine. He used to date one of my girlfriends who is also a Virgo. But he didn’t seem to be as close with her as he was with me. He said he trust me more and loved to be around me more than with Virgo girl. I think she had noticed that I have something for him, but I denied it anyway because Pisces and I were such close friends before, she could misunderstood us. And you know what? Pisces said he loves me after he first made out with me in a coffee shop and he wanted me to be his. He said I was much lovelier than her, much sweeter and care for him than her, he said he had left her, left everything behind for me. We made out, held hands and did lots of other stuffs (don’t judge me lol). Later I found out that he hadn’t broke up with Virgo yet, so I asked him to give me a clear explanation for that. He swore he truly loved me and loved me much more but he just couldn’t leave Virgo because she kept begging him to be with her after he said he wanted them to be just good friends. Yes, he cheated my friend to be with me. Unacceptable for both, right? Even though I love him desperately that I thought what ever would I do if he’s not with me anymore and I just want him all for myself, but my friendship for that Virgo girl was still more important. So, I left, for them to get back together, to be happy again. I don’t wanna be the one to ruin anybody’s relationship. He cried and acted desperate for a while, then everything went back to normal. We were still good friends until he finally fell in love with a Cancer girl and he finally broke up with my Virgo friend. They may have had an affair much long ago before Virgo can see it coming. I think Alan is right, if he can cheat on you to love another girl once, he can do it again. It’s best for you to try to forget him and find a better person who’s much more suitable for you. Pisces totally broke my Virgo friend’s heart, and many years after their break up she still can’t seem to overcome it, and she started to break other people’s heart. You shouldn’t wait and try to win back a person like that. There are still lots of lovely people out there maybe waiting for you. Good luck!

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