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How to change his mind

Rupali Asks:

He is my best friend, classmates and we hang out in same group. Once we were just chatting and we got a little intimate with each other. After that we never talked about that thing openly and just felt shy to face each other. This created some communication gap between us. Our friendship was the best one, but due to this communication gap, things got a little awkward between us. We both wanted to say something to each other but just couldn’t. Both were attracted to each other. So one day we met and he said that we should stop everything and should just go back to being friends as we were and I said that I am ready to work on this communication gap thing but Don’t just throw everything away just like that. He didn’t agree. And I had no choice but to be just friends with him. We are great friends again but I want more than that. I miss him. How do I make him realize that. Please help.


In my opinion you shouldn’t be spending your energy in trying to convince the person. The most you should need to do is be present with him and his life. If it is meant to be per se then he should value you enough to want to take things to the next stuff. You may have to give some nudges here and there but you shouldn’t try to actively change the person I feel.

If he feels okay with just going back to a friendship that quickly then there is also a good chance that he was getting closer with you initially out of curiosity to see if it will feel natural and all which it seems it wasn’t with what you wrote. If that was me then I think the best thing you can do is be the very good friend and as one sees more positive affirmation that maybe there is more to this relationship they will open up again.

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