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How To Win Back or Get Forgiveness From A Pisces Man

This seems to be a frequent topic as well where someone mentions that for one reason or another some kind of dispute arose with a Pisces person and now it seems like they are gone forever. Speaking personality wise, I am pretty much the same. What is the reason for this? That whole notion of a “Once a cheater always a cheater” remark is extremely true from my personal observations and so I tend to not let pleas and pitches persuade my decisions. I am personally one of those “I can forgive, but I will never forget” type of people too. The same holds true if you did something nasty to them in general.

I hate to say it, but if the person has my personality type and you did something extremely bad to them, the odds of getting them to associate with you again through conventional ways depends on their gullibility based on life experiences or the lack of it. For example, I used to be the type that helped virtually everyone in extreme ways even if they have done me wrong. In many cases, they just ended up taking advantage of me again. After awhile, you just learn to take care of yourself and not to trust people like those again the first time as you are doing yourself a disservice by not looking out for yourself too.

Is it impossible? Of course nothing is impossible. However, the way a person like myself would even remotely speak or associate with you again is based on your actions surrounding your life and not what you say or do for me specifically. Example, buying a gift or saying sorry a thousand times isn’t going to work as in my mind our two personalities and values in life are too different based on whatever the incident may be and I don’t think that either people should try to change the other.

Actions surrounding your life for example would be things such as did something like your hobbies and habits change? One situation I hear a lot is that the person just blew up and started saying mean spirited remarks to the person which caused them to leave forever. Like in that case, saying sorry isn’t enough. A person like myself will observe your action such as if I believe the cause of your bursts was that you were an alcoholic, did you stop drinking? If I think you were just super impatient, did you naturally start taking hobbies like golf or play chess all the time now which you enjoy on a frequent basis?

As you can see, these aren’t exactly the type of things you would change or do simply for one person and so it is not something you can easily fake. Likewise, I wouldn’t expect someone to change for me as it is all about being yourself and finding the right person for you. So if you are truly trying to win someone back in this way with that type of circumstance, don’t even try I’d say. It should come down to you actually wanting to change yourself for whatever reason and that will indirectly attract the person back too. To what extent, that is between you two.


  • Miss.Scorpy December 1, 2010

    Hi there,

    I started talking to a piscean thru a networking site. At first he always helped me. He always cheer me up. He said then that he likes me. He always try tried to make everything okay for me. But, I was always doubtful then. I only ended up hurting him. I always pushed him away. Until he already became cold. I’m so sad. I only made things worst when I sent a lot of messages to him that he just ignored. I’m hurting but I can’t give up because he didn’t give me up easily before when I shun him away. Only just recently because now he’s completely a different person. I said sorry already. I miss the knight he was to me. I’m sorry I can’t express myself good in words. I can only say I disappointed him. What do you think is the best that I can do. Shall I stop hoping he will come back? Or shall I continue being patient with him that probably when I do the things he did to me, he might forgive me. Please help. Only, this situation is kinda different because we are not together. I can only have my words for him. I know it’s hard but any opinion of you I will appreciate. Thank you.

  • pisces man August 13, 2011

    Hi miss.scorpy

    sorry to hear about what has happened, but as a pisces myself i will say that i know where you come from but think of where your guy comes from. I too would do a similar thing as to what has occoured, we will always extend a hand of help, but every time you shun it away, we don’t extend it as far. you may say sorry but that can only push him away further you have to let him come to you, if your in the ocean splashing about you won’t see many fish, but if you sit there and watch you will see them cautiously return, and if your lucky come back to you.
    You’ll have to hold your self from contacting him and if he does contact you don’t go and start slashing again.
    hope this helps

  • ChangedNae January 6, 2012

    Hey there Mr. Pisces. I would like to ask you something privately. If you can see my email, please email me. Thanks

  • Isabel January 18, 2012

    A couple months ago about 8 I met a pisces guy on Facebook he was sweet and kind I immediately fell for him we would webcam and text every day talk on the phone and everything was fine he started telling me that he had gotten hurt by his ex and I was like what the hell I’d like to put your heart back together in my head of course. So I met him and I slept with him and honestly it wa amazing after that I was totally in to him a week after I was on webcam with him and I told him I liked him and I wanted to be with him he got all sa and started crying a told me he couldn’t and pushed me away I was heart broken and still was there waiting for him out of the blue in December he hits me up And we start talking against you know but not like before he was still kind of iffy about me likening him out of no where I started being mean and talking shit to him I don’t know why I did it but I regret it well I guess me and him kept talking but it’s not the same he says he’s still hurt HELP ME PLEASE I REALLY. Feel something special for him what can I do so that he at least forgivs me?!

  • Miss gemini January 24, 2012

    Am a gemini,i met a pisces man sum months,bt i started dating him early this month.He opened up 2 me and told him things.Recently he needed to post sum documents 2 sum1 urgently.He tld me about it and asked 4 my help in trying to raise the fees.He had gotten half of it and i promised to assist with the other half.For sum reason i failed to,though i honestly tried to.I tried callin him to ask what he was goin 2 do next,he sounded cold on the phone,told me to drop it and proceeded to ignore my calls.He sent me a msg on Whatsapp and asked y i lied to him? I responded and explained but since then he ignored it.For the past two days have not heard from him.Please what should i do? I know those documents was urgent but it was not my fault….i hurt

  • Ceezy February 6, 2012

    😥 I met My pisces guy at work,in the same compagny but we live in different cities(2hours away) we started talking randomly after a case we both had to work on and from there we never stopped until one night his phone broke and we kept it ”facebook messages” and he would call me when i am working and he isnt or i am off and he is working,we have met a couples times and even goten intimate(although we havent goten official he has told me numerous times i am the only one he is seeing and want to give us a chance of knowing each other well),he is a very responsible guy and my insecurities have caused him to walk away,i have fallen for this man and losing him seems like something i am not ready to go through,in my guts it feels like i might have ONE more chance and i want to use is wisely,i need help with what i can do to win him back and make him endarstand that i have insecurities i need to work on before i can be the best woman he needs?? 😥 help please

  • Leah March 27, 2012

    Wow ur gonna luv this been seeing him since veg. Of Novebmer saw each other several times a week . Several things didn’t add up for one lied about his age and how many times married . I’m cancer forgiving. We started sleeping together things just didn’t feel right I was with kids mine alot but weird. Come to find out another woman with her two kids met before us a few weeks. But telling her looking at rings marriage in purtorico in June . He’s aid didn’t thing would go through without seeing me 2-3 times a week too. We gadding laughed helped me getting ready to loose my mom my dado assesses yes ago. Then a friend of hers and mine know so emails us both she is done I am too. But god portent and seeing my mom need to forgive not forget. He was so weak couldn’t tell either truth whole story details so I emailed her I was floored. She was there before myself leave on Saturday after church then I stayed the night. If that in luve with her and still seeing me 2-3 times week something wrong. We are both different. I have strong faith but like to laugh have fun we had great sex attraction. More successful. He couldn’t be honest tell us both truth details just sorry so I emailed get we we’re both shocked especially from a 55 yr old man I’m 42 and she just few younger than myself. Know more attracted to me in bedroom and we would pray from my mom laught told things that no one knows. I am pussed he sai sorry over again the other woman done over never again I believe so. Myself just wanted answers and a apology and to say I forgive never forget. He was like a week I said bs ur not victim we are . He got mad today said don’t contact me again, come by leave me alone know he cares but now my ego big part to move on. What think will call me advice. Yes care for him no excuse but think torn both of us together his ideal love won . Itsbs at our age and kids advice besidesno contact what a dick knowing my mom going to pass any day I have two girls 7, 10 . How can I get . Wait few months a month run into help??

  • Cathy April 6, 2012

    I met a pisces man on facebook last year, he friended me through a freind whose page he had viewed, saw my profile pic and sent me a message. Usually I do not respond to strangers but I liked his message. I contacted my friend and asked her about him, she said he was ok, so we started messaging each other. Then texting and talking on the phone. Eventually he visited me in the Caribbean from the U.S for four days. When he returned he sent me one message and cut all communication until about a week later when I constantly texted and called thinking something was wrong with the connection. He said he did not want a long distance relationship, we could be friends if possible. But he stopped all correspodence so there can not be a friendship. I thought we had a great time, we kissed, cuddled, laughed and talked a lot (no sex), he even talked about me visiting him. I was crushed, still trying to figure out what went wrong though he said I had not done or said anything wrong. About two weeks after the break I poured my heart out in an e mail, he did not respond. Even though I still think that he and I would be good together I would only like to get some closure on why he thought it necessary to be so drastic and cut all communication.

  • raerae April 10, 2012

    hi im a gemini and was in a relationship with a pisces man for a year, it wasn’t easy, we had trouble communicating and very different views, he always had problems in life an i always tried to solve them to make him happy again, we went travelling, argued an fought a lot along the way we both said some truly horrible things to each other but we tried to work past it but he said he can’t just forget all the hurtful things that was said an i said that if i can forget all the evil things he said to move on together then so can he but he said he can’t an that was it, over ..2 days before valentines/our anniversary. its been 8 weeks now an he text out of the blue last week saying he hopes i understood his reasons an that he’s took my advice an no longer been to serious about life. no apologies whatsoever but i text back saying that I’m happy he did an that I’m sorry for everything an i said thank you for teaching me so much an to take care he said ‘you too’ :). i left it there but text him yesterday to be cheeky and ask for his advice on properties I’m buying (he’s an estate agent) he text back saying why would he want to help, that I’m just rubbing his nose in the fact i have money and he’s struggling (i didn’t even know this and mentioned no money) and that he doesn’t think we can meet up, i replied saying no problem that I’m sorry he felt that way was never my intention i just valued his opinions an thought we might be okay now web both moved on an cleared the air. that i didn’t really understand his reasons or why he text the other week but i was decent enough to appease his feelings. i got nothing back all day then at midnight i get ‘don’t mean to put it like that. email me everything you need to know and I’m here to help :)’ …. what i need to figure out is, is this him warming to me again? or is it him realising what he said an now he’s got to make me believe he’s moved on. I’m very confused. i don’t know wether i should email him my needs, wether i should be cool or be sweet an bow down! ..8 weeks had passed an id started seeing someone new id learnt a lot from my piscean an now felt like the person i should of been when i was with him, i felt so alike to him even though id moved on an now he’s text its brought back everything an brought back just how much i love him, I’m fighting for him here and il not stop now but can someone please shed a little light on what the hell is going on in his head right now?! or what on earth i should be doing to be a permanent fixture in his head again! pretty please 🙁

  • Tirzah November 18, 2012

    I made a mistake… Let me start by saying. I’ve been single for 6 mnths the longest I’ve ever been. I was talking to this pisces,mostly through txt. Anyways we talked like tht for three months. Both of r work schedules clashed that made it hard to see each other again. I work fora NBC sports show as a co host and he’s a lawyer that owns he’s own pratice. Last night I told him and myself that I would jump on a train to see him. A number of things wnt wrong and I ended up lost. Instead of calling my pisces friend. I wnt to another friend that I wasn’t dating. I honestly just didn’t want to bother my Pisces friend cause he had told me he was laying down. My male friend that had gave me the ride tried to kiss me outside the gate. I accidentally dailed my pisces his number on my phone pocket dailed my pisces friend. He heard me deny he’s kiss And he assumed for good reason something was going on between me and the other guy. I completely understand. I can honestly say that I just was trying to make things easier and the hole thing blew up in my face. I’m not a liar and I’ve never cheated.
    I feel wrong, is what happen forgivable? I feel I painted a picture of myself that isn’t me . But words I know are commonly just words. My question is can what happen be understood and forgiven. He started crying when he came down stairs to talk to me.. it really hurts that I hurt him and I really hope I can make things right…
    I haven’t even slee slept yet because I feel so down…. What should I do?

  • hopeless romantic December 21, 2012

    🙁 I was with this man for four months at first all was swell blissful and lovely but i screwed it up by trying to “define the relationship” that made him feel pressured but we got things through and continued but than recently i broke it off because I assumed he was cheating long story short I told him to leave and pushed him away and regret not giving him the benefit of the doubt i apologized profusely but he has yet to forgive me is there anyway to get it back i miss him terribly~

  • Kayleigh April 8, 2013

    I made a terrible mistake…i have to say. I disappointed him by asking his friend about another girl. I dont have the courage to ask him if they slept together and then he knew it from that friend who asked me to keep it a secret…
    i can tell he got really mad at me and i know i lost his trust because he thought i was so perfect before. after that talk he was so cold and i feel like im a stranger to him. i texted him and told him I know what i did is nasty and i wrote him a long letter asking for forgiveness. he said it’s okay but he needs some time to compensate. i dont know if he said that just to calm me down or he means it’s okay. I know i did something wrong. but i now dont know what to do to get his forgiveness.

    I am so ashamed of myself

  • redbone~dirtyred November 7, 2013

    Hi, I’m a capricorn and my boyfriend is a Pisces about 3 months ago I cheated on him and he found out by going through an old phone I had, he was really hurt.I Activex to him and tried to let him know that I was sorry, but he didn’t want to hear that.Now were not really together but we still talk and have sex, but I was wondering if you thought that Maybe we would get back together or do you think he would move on.help me par I don’t know what to do anymore I’m trying but it sends to me that he had Changed a little bit,I mean he still tells new that he is in love with me still and that he want to may me…what should I do

  • Shivani December 17, 2013

    Hello there… I’m jst wondering if there’s anyway u can help me with my pisces man

  • MoonchildSara March 5, 2014

    Hi Pisces Man,

    I have a friend that is a pisces . we flirt alot and joke around, we STAY on facetime til 4 AM. I have ALOT of feelings for this guy. I took a risk and told him that I liked him and that I wanted him to be my boyfriend. He kinda rejected me . So i’m like ok cool ( as I was masking my hurt feelings) So recently we got on Facetime . And as we got off he said that I was faking on him. He also sent me broken heart emojis and crying emojis . I kept on asking him what I did because I didn’t know. he said he doesn’t wanna talk about it.. please help a girl 🙁

  • Melodie DeMarcus March 21, 2014

    Hi. I was with a Piscean who I love deeply for about fifteen months, he took my virginity and we were friends long before that. I know he loved me deeply and I love him to this day, to the point that since we broke up I literally cannot visualize my future anymore… The way I feel about this person is that my feelings and wants exist, but are minuscule and set aside compared to whether or not he is happy and what he wants. So I will not push a reconciliation if that’s not what he wants, but he often contacts me and has both spoken to me for hours in a lighthearted way and been able to be around me recently, the relationship ended a few months back and the first month he said cryptic things to me at least once a week but he is always the one to contact me and I of course respond because I will always be there if he needs me to talk to, I am head over heels in love with him. I think, and I’m
    Sure you would be able to answer from a closer Piscean perspective, that all is not lost from his behavior. I’d like to try again because our love was something extremely special and I know that, but near the end I pushed him away by asking about a girl he spoke to every day– I brought her up three times spaced out in a non accusatory manner–which caused him to think I didn’t trust him (I do trust him– I honestly wanted to see if he needed time to see about her… and it wouldnt have changed how i love him had he cheated…I always gave him a long leash, would be willing to not see him for weeks and never ever showed up at his house to check or act crazy if he needed time alone, but occasionally this made me emotional thinking I was a burden if I was depressed at that time… I know at this point he didn’t ever even hang out with her), and being overly emotional often, and inadvertently backed him into emotional corners near the very end when I was stressing out although I truly didnt mean to knowing Pisceans, him included for sure, hate that. but I will also say . I have changed and analyzed myself often since to try to improve these traits and he was not perfect either at all…I was hurt too and that is why I acted certain ways .. I’m just more concerned about describing my actions and asking if it looks like this is saveable and if that is what he seems to want? Because if not I would never push my own agenda onto him. But God I hope I haven’t lost him forever.

  • nit April 14, 2014

    I met a pisces guy on online dating site and we hit off really nice
    He told me he wants to be wit me n marriage after year but he would disappear n I would text him to know if he was seeing another girl bit he said no. So I Got Into Argument And He Broke Up N Blocked My number.

  • NaturalPiscean September 6, 2014

    Hi I am a Pisces woman and I was friends with a Pisces man a little younger than me. We were close friends for a handful of years, I told him everything ( when I was up Down, relationships…ect) I felt so comfortable around him. My mum fell ill and he was there for me and we ended up having a physical relationship… The only problem was we had both had seen each other’s friends previously but had no commitment to either of them. We both enjoyed each other’s time and intemitacy a lot so, I told him I was starting to like him more. He rejected me and I got upset and rejected him back. He stopped talking to me and I missed him so much. So every so often I called him but the Handful of times I did he ignored me. Then one day he answered as I called private. I asked him why he stopped talking to me? He told me he had a lot going on in his family and he needed space. I accepted it and we met up that evening. The next day he came to see me again and we ended up falling back into our old routine. It felt so passionate and I was happy to have home back again. Now and again he made me feel so loved then so distant from me within a few months I fell pregnant. I was scared to tell him because we weren’t an item and I knew he never wanted kids now. I felt like he knew something as I tried contacting him to tell him I thought I may be pregnant but he was distant which made it difficult for me to say so I waited until I got conformation. When I did I called him straight away and blurted it out. He came met me and we spoke I was indecisive of what I wanted to do and felt guilty to think of abbortion but it was something up for discussion. He wanted me to have an abbortion and thought It was a sure deal. He said he would support me through it. Then I thought about it more as I already had kids and new the value of having my beautiful kids and was reading up about abortions and decided it was something I couldn’t go through. I have never had one and didn’t feel I could live with myself if I did. I told him I couldn’t go through with it. He increasing ended up blowing up on me. This lovely guy I had so much affection and respect for turned into a monster. He tried emotional blackmail, threats, demoralising me, a close family member to call up with all kind of tricks. Literally I was subjected to every plot to make me have an abbortion, even the threat of taking baby away from me & making my life he’ll if I went through with this! I dug my heals in and tried to reason with him and he would not have any of it. I got defensive and would bite back. He was so furious I had made the choice without him to keep the baby, he told me him or his family didn’t want nothing to do with me and he never wanted to speak to me or see the child until baby was born and he got a paternity test. I was livid thinking who is this guy? I sent him scan dates he would not come so I sent him the pics, told him the sex, tried to involve him but no change. He would see me and walk past. This hurt so much. I tried to reason with him he was up and down but ended up sticking with his decision. We were both stubborn about our beliefs but so different in our wants. I am now 8 months pregnant, baby due anytime and I’m scared & also angry with him to call him, when baby arrives. I don’t know how this is gonna work out with baby, whilst were so angry with each other over how we both feel towards the situation. I know I can’t be around him and I refuse to be abbused emotionally & mentally by him. I feel so betrayed, yet don’t want my child not to have a father. But I don’t trust him & his family. I don’t see me leaving baby alone with them. I don’t want to be open to him when I have baby & his negativity so I’m thinking of just letting him come to me after I’ve had baby as we live in the local area & I’m sure he’ll hear when baby arrives. ( I changed my number when I was around 5 months, but he knows where I live) I don’t think that’s the way to do things but I feel I’ve been left no choice in the matter, unless I want his hurtful negative input. I still remember the good times & I do sometimes feel saddened it ended up this way.
    Plus I sent his parents a letter, just letting them know I’m open to them being in baby’s life regardless of me & him not talking, or our difference in views. I didn’t tell them anything else. I just kept it simple & straight to the point about baby. Left my house number but never got no reply. That was about 3 months ago. He’s probably furious about that too. But all I want is the best for my baby.

    Do you think he will ever get over it? He hates me so much for having his child…

  • chel January 12, 2015

    ❗ about 5 months ago i met a pisces man. We met on a dating website lol we exchanged numbers.. texted awhile before we actually met. Like 2-3 weeks later we met. I stayed the night. It was wonderful. He was such a funny and sweet man. He is a single father and lives alone. Anyway, after that first night i went over to his house like 5 more times. He told me he was starting to like me. And i liked him. Well, i got into an arguement with these people where i lived and i noticed when i texted him he would ignore me, he then took me off facbeook… i moved outta those peoples house and i found out they told him a bunch of lies 🙁 i really liked him and it hurt me that he believed them and wouldnt come.to me and ask about the things. So, i dated someone else. That lasted almost 3 months but i still thought about my pisces man. Many times i wanted to text him or message him on facebook but i didnt. Anyway last night i reopened my online dating account again and he messaged me. Told me to never lie to him again. I wrote him a big message explaining everything and saying i was sorry for everything and i wanted us to be friends again. My question is, what can i do to gain his trust again? Any pointers? Cuz i really do like this guy and want to fix the lies he was told… Help me please lol

  • scorpio January 18, 2015

    To natural piscian his name is philip is it loool

  • Missing My King June 9, 2015

    Please help me get my love back my man is a Pisces very kind loving caring man our only problem was his brother didn’t like me at first when me and my love had started talking he use to be on chat sites in due time he slowed down his brother and his brother girlfriend would come and tell me a lot of things for a while I would let it go in one ear and out the other but this last time I let them get to me and I said some really hurtful things I called and broke up with him out of anger but I really didn’t mean it he said the he still wants to be friends what can I do to fix this I really love him I feel incomplete without him please help me.

  • scorpio girl August 22, 2015

    am a scorpio and i happened to develop feelings for a pisces guy in my class, i never really liked him until recently although hesaid he has always liked me. so we got very close and i became to attached to him i pratically bared my soul to him we had a fall out recently and i apologised.but things have not been the same since then. he doesnt call or text anymore and i feel like i chased him with my intensity, i wanted him all to myself and it was very difficult because we were not dating. i miss him and i dont care if we dont date i just want my friend back. what do i do?

  • Maggie August 31, 2015

    Just be patient…. I know being a scorpion it’s difficult. Even sometimes when you get upset we become silent and take our time off… It’s just his time off. If things are good enough he will come back.. Give him time.

  • Maica October 25, 2015

    Hello, I am really interested in your opinion.

    I did not do anything wrong, at least not cheating or something bad like that.
    I met him online, we started sending emails, then we skyped a few times. He did not want to be seeing me because he did not wish to get aroused, since we were were going to wait till we got married.
    One day at work I got a call from him, we spoke at end I said I love you and he replied Love you too.
    I don’t think he would say that just to say it. He called from the airport in Ca. from a business trip asking to come to see me in Fl. to see each other an meet my family, but I did not reach him to say Yes, so he went back to Ohio where he was working.
    In Feb of 2013 he was sent to Michigan to work there, when he arrived his boos decided to send him back to India where he is from, he tried hard to find a contract to stay, with no avail, he asked me to go to see him because he was very distraught while I was there it was great, we got along great, we slept together but we did not do anything although he did get aroused, he pulled me to him while sleeping and held me in his arms. I loved it. He was very thankful for me helping him at a time he was very stressed. It was wonderful we agreed to get married once he got back, he refused to marry for the papers, did not want me to hold it against him one day in the future.
    So I emailed, emailed, sometimes he would answer most times no, he said he was busy with going back to school, work, his mean boss, his sisters, etc. And sometimes there was no internet in the rural area where his family live.
    He gave me his address at where he was living, and his family home. after he stopped emails totally, finally one day he was upset and wrote that he found out I was looking for another man online, I proved it was not true, he said he believed me, I was so upset, sad, wanted to fly to India and see him face to face. I wrote emails regardless showing him how much he meant to me. I waited for him as planned not knowing he was not.
    One day I looked at Linkd and saw he was in NJ , I emailed him asking him if he was here, after 3 years, He text back to me fast asking me if I was still single, I answered, No, then he asked how fast can we get married. I said well right away in Fl. So he asked me what do you want for me to do. I said well come met my family so we can move on, he arrived my family loved him for the first time my son actually loved a man that I met. He loved my family, we agreed to marry, he said his sister was going to come, he was probably going to bring her since she had never traveled by airplane out of India, He was excited, but dealing with a new boss new company that was not paying him as supposed to, suddenly he stopped answering emails or text, went for few months like that , then I checked Linked again and he was in CT. working for his old company HP, I was upset for the first time I and texted my disappointment, for first time I was rough with him, but not cursing. He is religious, so I spoke of how can he be like that when He prays so much. I apologized, after, I miss him and want to see him but he does not talk. I make excuses about him, like he is like that, its not his fault, he gets overwhelmed by everything so I assumed he needed time to adapt to new job or actually back to his old one.
    I asked him if he want me to stop texting and he has not answered, only text back when its simply stuff.
    I love him and he knows it, in June it will be 4 yrs. I do not know what to do, I am planning a trip to see him in Jan. he has not said No. I told him it is a trip to have fun go to a museum, walks, or just locally or go to NY.
    What should I do?? should I just act non chalant?? should I speak sexy as I used to??? I don’t want to loose him

    Please help me!!!!!

  • Alan October 26, 2015

    Just a friendly reminder to people that if you have a question you want me to answer specifically please send your questions using the contact form at https://piscesview.com/ask-a-question/

    Helps me out so that I don’t get overwhelmed in trying to keep track of all the questions.


  • AivanTheShadows November 26, 2015

    how about: how to get back to my Pieces after some misunderstood , because nobody is cheating on nobody.. just a small fight, and we seems to not taking anymore.. deep down, I do miss him and I really want to talk to him, and I know h miss me too.. imagine you see his face everyday, but there’s something that make you never speak with him again.. I’m a Capricorn, anyway.. right on this moment I am typing this, he is just right in front of me, helping my friends with their assignment.. help me please.. honestly, I really don’t know what to do cuz I’m really not a smoothie type..

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