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How to win him back ?

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I have been talking to this piscen guy from last 15 days through messages and everything was going so well. He is everything I was ever looking for. But we decided to change our communication mode from texts to call/ video calls. It turned out to be a lot awkward we both were blank and due to that I was very uncomfortable, this happened twice. I even conveyed to him that we are trying this for the 1st time may be thats why it is bit awkward. I dont know why but after those incidents he is not talking properly even over messages and completely ignoring me. I am not getting have i hurted him in someway..? I am not getting his cold behaviour. I am an aries do you think this combination is compatible for long term..? How should I win him back..?


It’s kind of hard to tell exactly as there isn’t exactly much details to work with here. By the sounds of it I would wager that when you two went on a video call, which I assume was your actual first time seeing each other, that things didn’t turn out as he imagined. Example, he could have had a vision that your appearance or mannerism was a certain way only to find out that wasn’t the case. So now that he realizes his perception is completely different than what he is looking for he is stuck in a limbo as he doesn’t want to just outright say it as in many ways it seems shallow. To me it makes perfect sense that way.

To get him back as you say is to essentially re-create exactly what it is that he originally anticipated. What that is I wouldn’t know of course as there wasn’t really any details about that. But that would be the straight forward answer I feel.

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  • Flower April 4, 2017

    You have a beautiful mind Alan, from your every answer we learn something new about pisces or about other people’s behaviour in general. Its like you give a piece of your mind to every question in a different way, by never repeating yourself. So far you have proved to be a very knowledgable teacher for students like us who crave to seek more knowledge about the world. Great work Alan, keep it up!?

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