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I think I ruined it…

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I am an Aquarius woman and I began “talking” (casually hanging out) with a Pisces man back at the beginning of this year, he would suddenly stop talking to me randomly, then pick up speaking to me again. I found out he was doing this to speak with other women, but again, we were not serious so I really could not get mad. Well, we began seriously dating a couple of months later and fell deeply in love with him. He told me everything I wanted to hear and I truly felt he genuinely loved me and wanted to start a life together. Three months into dating, he began taking a step back and then dropped me suddenly, didn’t talk to me at all even though we were dating…I got no closure. A month and a half later, I have finally felt like I am moving on and he reaches out to me and it did provide me with some excitement and I desired to get back together. We spent a couple of nights together talking and catching; I confronted him about the wrongs of his actions, as well as, how bad he hurt me. The second night, before I left he told me he loved me but was still unsure about reconciling our relationship. I haven’t heard from him since. I feel like the wound that was almost healed is reopened and I want him back again…

What should I do?

appreciate any help,



I am almost inclined to say it doesn’t feel like he is truly into you. Instead with what you wrote it feels like you happen to be what he needs at the moment per se emotionally. That would make perfect sense with what you wrote where because he went to you for what seemed like a semi easy source of the energy he wanted. Once he realized it wasn’t going to be that easy anymore he is shying away from it.

So the most straight forward way is to demonstrate that he will only receive say the positive stuff with you. Example, chats without him feeling like he did wrong. Now whether or not that is morally right per se with what you are looking for in the end is another question. Because like there I would say it’s not right if you have to hold on to all these feelings/emotions where you think he did you wrong and not say anything as an example.

The fact that he says he is unsure as opposed to just disappearing means you simply need to invite him into your life in a scenario, maybe a fun event, to show he doesn’t have to deal with any drama.

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