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Being ignored and blocked by pisces man on whatsapp

Nsh Asks:

Hi Alan..

Appreciate if you could advice me on this. Thank you in advance.

My relationship with my boyfriend went well until for the first time, I have been ignored by him for couple of weeks. It’s really got my nerves on because with no issues he treated me like that.

Then after 2 weeks, he slumberly texted me with no sorry at all. He made it looks like nothing happened. I asked him what had happened to him last 2 weeks, he response “nothing”.. I confronted to him that I dislike what he did and I said to him “if you think you can come and go, I am not the type of person!” He said,”I am really sorry” .. I did warned him to not doing again before accepted his apology.

After that, our relationship continues. However, it lasted only for 5 days before he blocked me on whatsapp until today. I am wondering plus really pissed off as we have no issues/arguments or any fights before. We were chatting as normal people until he blocked me.

Why do this pisces man really like this? I seriously cannot figure it out as we are adults.


I can only guess as I don’t really know the details. But fundamentally I would say there is something going on where you are simply oblivious to it. Example, you say you had no issues or arguments whereas maybe you did something that hurt him and he just didn’t express it. Or he is going through an extreme stress in life that he doesn’t know who he can turn to, including you. Not saying he is right or anything but rather just emphasizing the point on how there is always something in these cases.

I am only basing this on what you wrote, but usually for a person like that I wouldn’t approach it with a “Who the hell do you think you are? Do that again and you are dead” kind of approach. Because to me it seems like he does want to say or express something but he is too “chicken” to do it. By being aggressive in a sense makes perfect sense as to him just saying “sorry” and then in a sense repeating.

To me anyways his blocking and such is to get your attention. Virtually no different from a little kid doing stupid things to make the parent mad because they want attention in some form for whatever reason. Like there that parent could say “do that again and I will punish you even more” or one can try and understand what the child is really feeling to want to do that.

Yes, you two are adults. But I would say remember that not everyone matures or communicates the same emotionally. Especially if the person is more introverted. Of course that is your personal prerogative too if you want a person like that in your life. Example, either you think he is worth it or not.

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