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I’m not used to being ignored

Beki Asks:

Ok so I need to understand what’s going on and because the guy I like is a Pisces I don’t want to just ask him and send him swimming.

So we started chatting and it was amazing we were awake for like a week just constantly talking and playing halo online together and just getting on. And then he asked me out for lunch so I said yes and lunch turned into drinks and we talked a lot I asked him questions because I wanted to know more about him and I talk all the time anyway so there was never and silence, I noticed him gazing at me while I was sipping my drink a bunch of times and asked him what he was looking at and he said he was just enjoying the company.

HOWEVER after that day he’s been less chatty… He added me on Facebook and we were still talking a bit the last conversation we had he told me he avoids people and I said wow thanks and he said I wasn’t people.

… Not heard from him in 3 days but he added me on snapchat and views all my snaps….what does he want, I really like him he’s beautiful and clever and a total nerd and I want him. Aaarrrrgggghhhh why is he ignoring me? I’m not messaging him as I don’t want to be a text stalker but it’s driving me mad!


To me it sounds pretty straight forward where he doesn’t like/want to take initiative. In a sense it’s a role reverse of what most woman think of doing to guys. Example, many woman say never call the guy back on a second date because if he is really into to you then he will call you back. So you should wait. In this case, the guy just happens to have that kind of thought.

He’s done everything so far it seems to show you he is interested such as keeping updated with your life on social media. The simple answer is, if you want him go get him. Since you describe him as a “nerd” then go with the activity inviting route. Arrange gameplay times, conventions you two can go together, etc. Make it natural and organic.

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