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Inconsistent Pisces bf, I am a Cappy

Yvonne Asks:

Wow, where do I begin. I’m insecure and my bf says it makes him uneasy. He says he has thought of us just being friends. I told him, I understood his frustration and if he wanted to break up I’ll understand. He says “No, we can work this out together”. He is so inconsistent with his actions. Just this week he went from randomly texting me “love you babes, to emoji kisses to not responding to a text from me expressing how important he is in my life. I texted goodnight and good morning and nothing. Did I do something wrong with the text expressing how how I felt. Disclaimer: we normally text gm and gn most of the time and this is not his first time.


Unless he is genuinely busy or something, my initial thoughts with what you wrote is he simply isn’t feeling it for whatever reason. Therefore, thing like the texts he sent is more of a “must do as maintenance” type of deal as opposed to from the heart if that makes sense.

It’s almost like it puts it in a situation where the person is staying because they feel “it’s the right thing to do” as opposed to being genuinely happy with it. Especially if this is a situation where he entered into the relationship partly because he felt bad in a way. Like with that it makes perfect sense if you combined everything together.

Like saying imagine you buying some lemonade from a kid at their stand where it’s more about helping the child even though you did want something to drink. Even if there are things about it that you don’t like as much compared to like other brands you would tend to tolerate it as you aren’t forgetting that one fundamental reason you are doing it which is to help them. From the kid’s point of view though you continually going back to buy more and smiling will probably be interpreted as you just love the drink so much.

Now pretend one day he said he wanted to thank you by giving you 10 litres of this lemonade that you aren’t completely head over heels for and he wants to see you drink it as it will make him happy. In most cases there people would pretend they didn’t see the offer. To me this in essence kind of sounds like what your situation is based on what you wrote.

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