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Jennifer Asks:

I have been dating a Pisces for a couple of months and I am getting mixed signals from him. Every time he has needed a favor, I have gone out of may way to make sure he had what he needed, and I enjoyed being there for him because I am deeply attracted to him. Every time he sees me, he hugs me before I leave. When I stay the night at his house he wakes me up to kiss me goodbye, leaving me to go back to sleep at his house when he goes to work. But he ignores me on several occasions as well. He gave me a card and said that I was truthfully his best friend. Do I stand a chance with him or am I just a friend?


This is a little subjective, but my first impression is that he seems to be coming off a bit coordinated in his actions based on what you wrote. Like saying, if you want to quickly make a kid happy you give them candy. So with your examples, it feels like he hugs you and kisses you because in his mind that is what you want to feel good in an effort to maintain that relationship where you are good at doing the favors for him as an example.

I don’t know how much he does for you too though if any. Example, when you ask for favors are they just as big and does he promptly try to help you as well? At this point, I would say you stand a chance, but based on what you wrote he is definitely not there romantically I feel at this point. Funny enough, in this case something as simple as asking him out on a date without calling it a date is probably a very easy way to find out as his eagerness in wanting to do it would show a lot.

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