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I have been talking to a Pisces man for several months now. Mainly via text since I moved away although we have known each other for a couple of years. Prior to my move we would chat casually here and there but only if we ran into each other. After the move he texted a few times to see how it was going but nothing major. Then we started talking more and when I was visiting we met and had a great time.

Long story short I am pretty sure he likes me but is afraid to since I don’t live there. He messages me things like “sorry I haven’t caught up with you” or will get more personal asking how work is; but seems to want to stay in touch with me. I know he needs space but at the same time want him to know how I feel, but do not want to scare him away either. Thoughts?


I was actually a bit confused about you saying he needs space as if anything based on you wrote it sounds like he wanted more time with you within the appropriate boundaries. I would personally say for you if you are worried about scaring him away is to simply and naturally ask him about his life and day.

Like in that circumstance you can gauge a lot based on how much he is willing to share with you. If he specially brings up a challenge or obstacle in life then simply help him with it, assuming you can of course. Because if we are going by the notion that he is afraid to say anything due to the distance then actions like these can show maybe there is something more where you actually genuinely cared about him too.

From there things should happen naturally I feel where at the same time once the logistic challenges are solved where everything make sense then you both can go all in.

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