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Is he stringing me along?

Fiona Asks:

Hi Alan, I have fallen head over heels for a Pisces guy at work. I am a 42 libra , so when this 27 year old Pisces found me on the work email system I couldn’t believe he was interested in me. After a few flirty messages I left him my number and asked him out. It wasn’t a yes or a no as he is in a rocky relationship that is almost over.

I said that I couldn’t see him behind his girlfriends back. Two weeks later I saw him at work. I had butterflies for the first time in my life! Colleagues noticed chemistry between us as he was just staring at me smiling. We arranged to meet the following evening. He never turned up, I felt foolish and hurt so text him. He was very rude back, swearing in his text saying that I have ruined things.

The next week I ignored him. Saw him again at work this week, in my message to him told him I was hurt with theswearing . He said his girlfriend sent the message? He said that he still feels the same for me, and that his feeling have never changed. He still wants to meet me. I told him that I don’t like secrets, cheating or lies. But when he is single I will meet him. He said Have I got to finish what little I have left in the relationship before you meet me? I am so confused . Does this sound normal for a Pisces man who is about to end a relationship and start a new one? I have suggested meeting in our lunch hour,he said in the future? I want to trust him. Any advice would be great.

Thank you.


I feel for you my main advice would be along the lines of if they did it to them they will do it to you sort of routine. That’s not always true, but in your situation it sounds like even he is justifying it in terms of trying to be with you despite what you said and all.

Your situation comes down to facts and logic I feel too. Based on what you wrote to me for example he claims that his girlfriend wrote the swear words and all. Okay, let’s think about that. He claims he has these romantic feelings for you and all. Unless I am reading things wrong a week passed by and he said nothing until you confronted him. Think about that. Is that normal where the guy wouldn’t type back right away saying it wasn’t him? Even if it wasn’t him though that should make you seriously think just how much he cares about you per se. It’s almost the equivalent to like say your “friend” or whatever watching you get punched where they have no immediate reaction and just saying “it wasn’t me who punched you.”

So in my view that is not “normal” if this guy allegedly is like head over heels for you. Take the romance out of this first I feel and think of everything rationally. To me at the moment it almost sounds like he is looking for quick “rebounds” in many ways.

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