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How to know if he’s interested

Rachel Asks:


I’m new to this site and I’m glad I found it. I’m a Gemini woman and met this Pisces guy a few weeks back through social media. I initiated the chat first and he responded. I’ve also sent him quite a few cheesy compliments. When asked for number he gave it right away. We chat almost everyday now. And he’s admitted that he finds me funny , romantic and straightforward. Today he updated a weird status and when I asked if he’s alright he responded saying no. I didn’t wanna push him much so just said take care and we both went offline. Did I do the right thing? Do you think he might be interested?


From what you wrote I would be inclined to say it was a mistake to not follow up when he said “no” that he wasn’t okay. While I don’t know the details of what you two talked about, the general thing is how usually if the person is like me then one way or another the person will communicate with you that they aren’t well per se but at the same time won’t ask for help. Because if we are going by the notion the guy thinks like me then the mindset is if I say help a person in need that I care about when I know they are in trouble then the expectation is the same the other way around.

I have often mentioned that the “okay, well good luck and take care” is probably one of the worst things to do if you are trying to further a relationship with a person like myself. With that said again I don’t know the details as that would relate to your other question on if he is interested in you. If you say he gave you his number right away and such along with the communication then it is safe to say yes. The intentions I am not clear about of course.

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