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Does he like me? (cliche I know)

Precious Asks:

Hi Alan.

I’d really love your take on this. This Pisces guy, who I’m just friends with, tells me stuff he doesn’t tell others. Told me he trusts me so much, discusses his financial issues with me, let’s me know his whereabouts and whether he may be unavailable for some time. Told a friend of mine that I’m too nice and precious and he’s not good enough for me. Is it safe to assume he likes me or does he just trust me as a friend? If he likes me, I should probably give him time to define his feelings and ask me out, right? I don’t want to give him the impression that I care too much so sometimes I intentionally stay away and wait for him to initiate conversation. Will this push him away? (cos Pisces do not respond well to tough love). Will he forget me if I give him too much space?


I am usually one to say that if someone is revealing so much about themselves in such a fast way I’d like to find out why as many times it means they want something from you. That might not be the case here of course, but from my observations anyways that’s often what happens.

With what you wrote he apparently told you flat out that he trusts you a lot while revealing things like financial issues. So like there I think it is important to investigate and understand “why” he has told you this. Example, the good thing could be he is using it as a way to show he is an open book with you as maybe you have done so for him. The bad scenario would be he is using this as a form of emotional manipulation to get you to do stuff. Just generally speaking, if he is supposed to be like me where I am super reserved and I liked someone then the odds should be I would want to keep all that stuff to myself until I am so sure that you are the one, so to speak.

In the sense of caring too much there is no such thing I feel as long as the intentions are pure from both sides. Because for a person like myself one of the key reasons why I am the way I am is because of the fear of being hurt per se from people who don’t truly care about you. Example, it can often be a take and no giving back kind of reciprocation. Can we have too much air and water? Well, technically yes if it is like forced into you beyond your limits in a crazy way. Like here I doubt you are like always next to him even if he needs to go to the washroom as an example.

Intentionally staying away is probably one of the worst things you can do too I feel. If the person is like me as an example then all you are doing is confirming to me that this “relationship” is say nothing more than a “Hi and bye” type of scenario. So it’s in your best interest I say if you are trying to establish a better relationship with him to take all the opportunities you can to be with each other. For clarification too my definition of “tough love” is like say a coach yelling and cussing at you to get you to do better. I am not sure if you mean it in that same way.

So does this all mean he ultimately likes you more than a friend? I can’t really say personally as I haven’t read any details as to what he does for you in various situations. What I would say is that based on the actions so far he is hoping this will go beyond more than just like an occasional buddy that you meet.


  • precious July 13, 2016

    Hi again. Thanks for responding. I guess I meant something like a cold shoulder not tough love. Anyway, the points you made make sense and I’m satisfied with your reply. Thanks again.
    P.s I’d love to edit the main question. Can I do that by being a member? I tried to register but I’ve not gotten the confirmatory mail you sent.

  • Alan July 13, 2016

    That’s odd. I just told the site to send you another confirmation. At this point the members registration simply enables you to use the interactive features such as liking posts or if you wanted to use the community forums.

    If you wanted to edit the question in the sense of asking something different though with feel free to just reply here in the comments as that is usually how I do follow up responses and all.

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