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Hi first of all i want to appologize if my english is not that good because it’s not my main languange 🙂

Im a libra girl and i met this pisces man over dating application…so we chatted for a while there and he asked me for my number which i gave it to him, during our conversation i think both of us found out that we have lots of things in common, like we have the same passion about philosophy, and art. After a couples of days of chatting he asked me to meet up and i agreed on it.

In our first date we had a dinner and it was amazing…he started to tell me about him self and he also asked a lot about my self, we talked from what things we like to do,our hobby, our family, he even told me about his last relationship where his ex gf got married with a other man after 2 months of breaking up with him then i also told him that i was actually married and had a divorced about a few months back, and he said its not a problem for him since his last gf also a divorced woman so i dont hav to worry that he might me think about it. He told me that for a girl i quite know lots of stuff and what makes him interesting to me because i love books and i love to read.

During our converstation he used to look at me in the eyes and smile a lot, whenever i dont see him i can feel that he stare at me a lot. And whenever i asked why he do that he smile and told me that he tried to know more about me and he tried to read my mind because he know whenever im being quiet there something in my mind (which is true). After dinner we went to another place for a drink…and the chemistry between us becomes more and more…he mentioned that im a funny person in a good way and i can make him laugh which is good.

He told me that its hard to find a girl who u can talk about everything…and he want this kind of girl…he mentioned that im a smart girl who knows lots of stuff that when he talked to other girls they have no clue about. He told me about his work and even showed me his super bussy schedule…showed me his pictures when he went into vacation, told me about his birthday and his parents coming. We shared a lots of things i think in our first date which is i never had before.

During our firsy date theres a lots of time he carees my head and look me in the eye. After our first date on my home he texted me and said thank u for the lovely evening and i told him the same and after that he said we should do it again soon because he will go to another country for a friends wedding. So we make an appointment to have a second date. In our second date we did it at his place and he made me a salad and we ate together.after that we moved to sofa and continue talking…he asked a lot about me, about what happened with my marriage and i told him everything and everytime he always cares my head and told me that ive been through a lot. He asked about my ex, like how many relationship i had in my past amd i told him that im always have a long relationship with peoples in my pqst because for me love is something sacred and i always give my 100% and he agreed on that, he told me that we ask a lot because he want to know more about me because he like me and i told him i like him too.

One thing lead to another and we ended up kissing. It was amazing like a very sweet and gentle kissed, and the he hold me and put my head in his chest and caress my arms…and he kissed my forehead a lot ( i really have no clue what is this mean) we cuddles a lot and he kissed me a few times after that, kisses my cheek, my lip, and my forehead. He hugged me and put his head on my chest.

It was just amazing…and then it was getting late so and i can see that he is getting sleepy also he have to work in the morning so i told him that and he said ya he will go to bed soon and then he asked me its late and my home is quite far so if i want i can spend the night at his place but i was actually a little bit hesitated and also im not prepared for it so i told him it was okay i will stay at my brothers girlfriend place which is close by..and he said its up to me he just worried to let me drive in the middle of the night then he said i should text him when i arrived.

I told him he can go to sleep because i can see that he was really sleepy but he said he will wait. So i went back to my brothers girlfriend place and i texted him and told him that i arrived and then i told him to sleep and he said he will now because before he was waiting for my text. Then i said thank you for the night and he replied thank you too.
The things that makes me confuse is when i woke up in the morning i was hoping that he might text me but he didnt so i texted him first and he replied but everytime im the one who have to approached him first and sometimes he replied me long time…he never texted me first after that.and even i texted him it seems like he was really bussy.

Which is i think maybe he is because he is working and the next day he have to leave for the wedding. So after a few text an dit seems like he isnt not really respond but he still replied then i stop messaging him to give him time to do what he need to do. But in the next day when i dont text him he also not texting me at all. Even to ask how am i or anything…what should i do? He wasnt too much in texting actually also before but it just makes me confuse what is actually happe. Did i do something wrong? Please help?


From what you wrote it feels like he is a bit self-conscience about potentially moving too fast where you would feel uneasy. That is a pretty big move he made on you for example with all the intimacy. It would kind of fit in line with him responding to you pretty quickly when you initiate contact and not seeing him contact you first.

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong per se as you are simply being yourself. There is a big chance for example where when he invited you to stay over, seeing you not take the offer was a sign that you don’t completely trust or are comfortable around him. At this moment he is unsure.

I am inclined to say that based on the scenario he would probably love it if you invited him to some kind of event or activity where you two can spend some time together so that he can better gauge what you are thinking about him. Instead of guessing, take him out somewhere I say to give the both of you the opportunity to learn about each other more.

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