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Long Distance With Pisces Guy

Gabriel Asks:

I am in a long distance relationship with a pisces guy.. He is 3 years younger than me. I am 27. We were together only for a week before that as I met him while in Europe on a business trip. The next time we might see each other is probably after 3-4 months. It was amazing while I was with him and he seemed to be all head over heels on me. After I came back to my country we decided to do a long distance relationship as we both did not want this beautiful thing to end.

It’s been about a month now and I don’t know if it’s too soon to conclude. But somehow I feel he’s not that into me anymore. He seems very chilled out and goes about doing his things. He does not really bother to talk a lot .. or express !! I want to know how serious he is about this relationship ! If I ask him some question like this he seems to get offended and he begins to doubt my intentions about this relationship. Can you please help me figure out ? I do like him a lot but I’m not ready for a heartbreak now !


To a certain extent it feels like he may have continued this relationship out of politeness. For example, while there are major doubts due to factors like the long distance he doesn’t have the heart to say no but figured why not as you two seem to get along in many ways and there is a chance it will work out.

To me this would make perfect sense with the notion that he gets upset when you ask him questions pertaining to the relationship because in his mind it would be like he is already taking a leap of faith to see how this goes and asking him those questions is kind of like an insult to his efforts in keeping an open mind of the possibilities that this relationship can work.

My only real thought here is that you and him need to make an actual plan to be together in-person permanently. If either of you don’t wish to or can’t talk about those details then that should make you question what this relationship is really all about.

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