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Alicia Asks:

hey.so back in the beggining of the year i started talking to a guy (pisces) online.the conversation was very nice and flowed fast but i started catching feelings.but the connversation ended like 2/3 months after,but i feel like he answered me just to be nice?idk.but yeah after a while, he came to live in my city and he started to invite me but i was busy and tired and because i felt like i was hurt since i liked him in a way that he could never like me,so i kept saying no but yeasterday i invited him and it was very nice.i felt very comfortable around him and i tried to do the same with him,there were some times we were silent but i didnt felt an awkward silence i just feel like we were connected spiritually somehow.

he’s very dreamy like he he’s not in this reality and its interesting but also kept me thinking if he liked me or no.we had a bit of deep talk but i wasnt in the mood so i tried to give him short answers.showed him some places and i felt like time had just stopped.he asked some stuff,talked a little about uni and his subjects and i felt like he’s a great listener although he’s funny and we even did a run.when we were to say goodbye,he said that it was late and he didn’t noticed how time flew,but we didnt had like a formal goodbye,i ran to the train and i said we’ll talk later ,but we didnt.i dont want to annoy him or something but i really wanna keep seeing him,but im tired of him ghosting and seeming uninterested.what should i do?


Unless I am reading this wrong it sounds like it’s all in your head in terms of his perception of you? For example, you said on your own that you liked him in ways that he could never like you which feels like you are making decisions on your own as to how everyone feels by default. With that I mind it’s simply about being comfortable and confident in your own skin per se and simply allowing him to make that decision if things can go further.

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