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Is he loyal and means everything he says?


A little context:
So, it was supposed to be a casual hook up with my pisces guy but the whole thing felt like it was something out of this world, totally surreal and almost fate, karma, destiny-like. I was so shook at how everything made me feel that I ended up setting some boundaries between us like he isn’t supposed to fall for me, there wouldn’t be any relationship tag between us and he readily agreed. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity like that?

Fast forward to six months later, we got to talking while we hooked up occasionally. We started exchanging texts and he almost always replies immediately. He is like every other pisces men too, flaky, inconsistent, disappearing without any notice at times but he always comes back. He hasn’t been clingy but lately he keeps throwing statements like ‘I would do anything for you’ or ‘Your wish is my command’ or ‘Anything to keep you happy’ and while we hook up he keeps telling me how much he needs me in his life. Earlier it was all fun and games but lately it’s all intense and everything hits me a lot more than it should, especially when I’m looking into his eyes. Goddamn, those eyes!

I know for a fact that he used to hook up with other woman because we used to talk about it but lately he has stopped discussing that with me. He has deleted a lot of pictures from his instagram and facebook where there were flirty comments with other women in the comment section. Earlier we used to end things in a couple hours at the most but lately he has been hanging out all weekend with me or if there are long weekends ahead, he make plans ahead.

I mean, I know it is all for casual hookup but am I reading too much into this?

I have read countless articles stating that pisces guy need that emotional bond and it is a good thing going on between us but I don’t want to fall for him for all the wrong reasons. I don’t want to pursue this further if it’s just some game and not his real feelings. I really like this person, despite our arrangement, and I do care about him. A little here? Thanks.


With what you wrote to me it sounds like it’s the falling for someone because you are around each other all the time per se. Now in your case you two have been sleeping together already so the infatuation for him feels like the assumption is if you are together forever then it will be like a constant great life every day. Him saying he needs you kind of further emphasizes that point I feel. In terms of loyalty the only real thing I could say personally with what you wrote is that he will be loyal as long as he feels he is getting what he needs from you. I wouldn’t classify that as true loyalty because that means he could run just as easily if the going gets tough.

With that said your situation is like with any relationship where you have yet to really test it in any way to see if it is something that can last in a meaningful way. This means doing things like living together for a while or doing something challenging together to see how the person really handles things like stress with you.

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