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Made Huge Mistake and my Pisces man said Im dead to him!

Arlene Asks:

Please help me I am so sick to my stomach right now. I have been seeing this Pisces man for year on and off nothing serious until about a month ago I started feeling much more for him. I a Scorpio we dated when we were younger he was one of my first loves. I care so much about him and honestly I cant lose him It hurts so much. I never open up amnd I never talk about feelings nor even allow myself to catch them. I knowlingly did this with him and now I am so lost I screwed up and I was told I am dead to him. He is a father of twins he is amazing father and works very hard. I felt that he was drifting so I decided to send him a email that spoke truth about how much I care about him and that he was the only man I wanted. It was really how I felt. He works for a company that I do business with and instead of texting this I sent it to email. HE is not allowed to receive personal email at his work and I knew this. i accidently sent it to his work email I dont know how this happened but it has. Nothing sexual its my heart felt feelings. Well his boss called him today and he said he was almost fired and that I was dead to him. He got very mean with his words and I just kept telling him he had every right but I did it by accident. I sent the boss a email apologizing about my mistake and I hope that he will at least be holding me accountable not him. I am so deeply hurt right now this man was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I do not lie to him I do not play games I am patient and I know when to stop but this is too much. Will he ever forgive me it was not done on purpose. Please help me I cannot handle the pain I am in knowing that I have caused him trouble kills me. Will he forgive me what can I do ? pleae


Without really understanding the full history between you two I am inclined to say in these situations you have to in sense say your bit and then move on per se. If the person wants to say forgive you then you need to give them that space and opportunity for themselves to do so. Otherwise I would imagine it would simply aggravate the situation more.

Think of it like you just went to a restaurant where they really wanted you as a guest. You eventually go there but something crazy happened such as they accidentally served you the wrong order which you are highly allergic to. This causes you to get sick and they apologize profusely that it was an accident and they really wanted you back. Think about that in contrast to your scenario.

If the business kept pestering you per se that it was an accident and they want you back I would say odds are if you are still steaming mad that anything they say will just make you even madder. I mean they could have almost killed you right? Like there all they should really do is give a sincere apology and reassurance of sort that stuff like that won’t happen again while offering a way to make it up to you that is reasonable. Whether or not you take and accept it all should be up to you as all they can really do is offer their apology. Odds are there, if you naturally see them say adjusting the way they do things for the better and all then I wouldn’t doubt that you may actually give them a try again. Especially if you see other people giving them positive reviews now.

For your situation I feel in essence it is the same where you have to offer whatever it may be that can fix everything professionally and then simply be the great person you have always been and allow him to naturally see that you meant well.

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