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March 1st Pisces Male

Greta Asks:

bought my love interest of 6 months gift, he loves it & is wearing it, but says “You shouldn’t have done it” and meant it. He’s now cool and distant. How could something nice turn so bad?


This is a very open ended question without the context. My only wild guess based on what you wrote is that the item you bought him makes him feel obligated to use it or pay you back when he doesn’t feel your relationship is at a point where he can accept these kinds of gifts from you. I am exaggerating, but imagine if I had a love interest in you and one day I bought you a car. How would this make you feel if relationship wise you only ever saw me as a fellow colleague at work?

I could imagine from then it would make things very awkward and would cause you to be distant. Like there, I am sure you would love the car and drive it every day, but that wouldn’t get rid of the awkwardness as you know my intent to give you the car was to hopefully establish a bigger relationship.

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