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Mind Games By A Pisces

Depressed Asks:

Hi. I wished to know do Pisces guys play mind games and why do they do so? One minute he could be so into me, being attentive to my feelings but next second during our conversation with our group of friends he can just ignore what I’ve said treating as though I am transparent! I thought I was insignificant to him but whenever he gets something from the store he will be sure to get my share as well. He also said that our this group is like a family. Everyone is so nice to him.

Whenever we message, he is selective in answering to what questions I ask and sometimes doesn’t even reply when the conversation is halfway through! Our conversation is always short and doesn’t even get pass an hour as compare to another girl in our group when I see him text her the whole chat log is kinda packed. I thought that he is interested in her though.

However, when we have lunch he will sit opposite me or in a group his body will be facing towards me and the way he gazes at me always makes me shiver. Once he caught me staring at him and I quickly divert my look to somewhere else. The way he talks to me his tone is so gentle and soft and I observe that when he sees me out of the blue he actually smiles brightly and pleased to see me. I think the first second of seeing someone actually dictates the true feelings.

He often have his mood swings, and I kind of think he have a split personality. When he comes to me and start a conversation he will be pleasant asking all sorts of funny questions, some are quite personal but then when I try to approach him asking him questions too he seems evasive on certain subjects. Or give me roundabout answers.

Why is he so weird and I cannot know if he have interest in me too. If I didn’t have strong feelings for him i would have been gone but strangely there is a profound connection between us. It’s hard to fully explain it here but I hope you get what i mean. By a normal girl’s view all the things he does would definitely lead to them thinking this guy likes her. But all these back and forth tactics by him is making the brainiest girl goes mad, over analysing every things he does.

I always tells myself and try to convince that he is just treating me as a normal friend but what I feel he does is just out of place. Help me to get out of this dream like state please!


Do Pisces guys play mind games? If by mind games you mean testing people then I think it is safe to say that everyone does that. To what extent is a different question as everyone is different. Why does one do it? The most straight forward answer is they want answers in a way that is hopefully non-intrusive or indirect so that they can get a more accurate picture of who you are and what you are all about. The motivation behind it is something you need to find out through their consistent actions.

Based on what you wrote, I think the key information to expand upon is how he asks you personal questions which you answer yet when you do the same he is evasive. I’m not actually sure what subjects you are talking about, but to me it’s an important fact that seems to withhold a lot about him and his intentions with you. My personal opinion is that he is he is “preying” on you for some reason based on everything else you shared where it makes sense.

Think of it like a stranger giving a kid candy to win trust as he/she gets information out of them. When the kid asks them questions they then try and deflect everything. By the sounds of it too, it just sound like he is “preying” on more than just one person where that other person just seems further into the “trap” for what he wants at the moment.

Note that I quoted words such as “preying” to hopefully get the point across as I don’t know the specific details as what he wants from you could be anything. That’s something you need to determine through research. So I would say he has interest in you, but at this point it doesn’t sound like it is in a romantic fairy tale way that you are hoping for. But again, do some research on the guy and it should open up a lot.

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  • Sozzzz November 22, 2016

    I’m a Pisces and that is what I normally do. It OS unintentional, but I do it unconsciously so…idk. We don’t try to, but when we realize how awkward the situation has become, we tend to avoid quick responses and think before adding more confusion. Then again, I only do it to people I trust so there is a chance that you two will date, if you give him enough time and keep in touch. Usually, when you stop responding, we tend to feel isolated and that pushes us away. Basically, either you confess and be rejected while being considered as a mate or just ignore it and stay friendzoned.

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