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Sally Asks:

Hi so I’m dealing with a Pisces man and I’m a sagittarius I’ve met this guy 3 months ago when my friends boyfriend was meeting up with us and he came with him and I dono why I just liked him since that day like alottttttt I searched for him to add him on fb but he added me first i started the convo and was like ru the guy that I met but he was always taking ages to reply to my messages and he used to tag me in posts but then my friend that had a boyfriend kept commenting and I felt like he got creeped out and stopped messaging so I felt like he didn’t like me and I stopped too months later he calls me when he’s drunk and starts talking about sexual stuff (he washigh) then since that day I haven’t heard about him neither he texted me, I dono why but I love him so much and I kept posting hints that I like him but he never says anything so I assumed he doesn’t like me but I just want to say it coz I can’t hold it in anymore I want to tell him that I like him and wht he thinks about that but I dono how to say it so u think I should say it or do u think if he liked me he would’ve gave me signals


As a general comment my first thought is you may want to invest some time in yourself to figure out why you like him so much and what your definition of love is. Because if you honestly know these answers for yourself then the answer should be pretty straight forward in terms of if and how you should approach him as your values and goals would be clearly defined. Like saying if you watch movies and don’t know why you like them then it makes it confusing in deciding what you should watch next.

Now for your question, in my view if he liked you in that way then he would give you all the open doors in the world to say interact with him. So in that sense if your goal was to tell him that you love him as a way to get him to say open those doors then I personally don’t feel that should even be necessary if he truly felt something foe you in a genuine way. Now you feeling the need to express yourself is a different topic I feel. Kind of like saying you are at an event where there is someone you admire and you feel the need to yell out how awesome they are. So it’s like you want acknowledgement in return in many ways.

In my personal opinion I usually say that doing things the semi passive way is best to help you avoid those awkward moments too. Example, the activity inviting routine with something you are 100% sure the person would love to do. One’s reaction to that says a whole lot without you feeling the pressure of having your heart broken in many ways. But again I say invest some time in understanding your own feelings and emotions first I’d say.

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