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My pisces is so confusing

Angela Asks:

I’ve been really good friends with a pisces guy for about 4 months now we’ve known each other for 6 months but we got closer after my break up..anyway when we met we hit it off kind of quickly it was some attraction there we have a mutual friend that we both would talk to about each other just flirting back and forth pretty harmless he just got out of a stressful relationship as well a few months before me he was dating people but when we started to hang out he stopped I didn’t know why if we were just friends.

so we started hanging out one on one after I became single it’s like everything happened so fast we were together everyday we became eachother’s diary told each other stuff we never told anyone so we became physically intimate and after a few months I started to catch feelings so did he but I don’t think I believe him because he s so hot and cold he says we should just be friends so I said ok no sex or dates just friends but he was like we’ll see because I change my mind so next week I might want to be with you idk..

so I’m a cancer by the way ..im bummed about it but he s confusing me he wants to just be friends but he still wants to see me still talk almost everyday and we sleep together every now and then..he said he was gonna start going back out on dates but he isn’t dating so idk what he wants from me is he scared to love me or what


From what you wrote it basically sounds like he wants the benefits of a relationship of sorts without the commitment. It almost feels like it is that straight forward. The person to talk to, be close with, etc. So in many ways it just comes down to you on what you are willing to give in relations to what he is willing to give you in return for the most part. That is your personal decision to make.

Example, if you expect a commitment before being that close with someone then stand by it. If you are okay with just being each other’s ear and intimate partner in a sense with no commitment then again that’s a choice for you to say to him in a sense.

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