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I need my mother to forgive me

Rida Asks:


I am in great trouble. Last weak I hurt my mother very badly and I apologised and yesterday the same thing happened again. I did not wanted to hurt her all that I did was because of my anger. I need to apologise but I feel guilty of saying sorry again and again. She don’t want to talk to me and feels irritated by the word sorry
Last time I used my mobile to apologise as I did not had the guts to say sorry to her face to face. And also she did not wanted to talk to me. A weak has passed and the same thing happened again. Plz help me. And yes, she is pieces.


I am sorry to hear your troubles with your mother. There isn’t really anything for me to analyze unfortunately as you didn’t write down any details of what was said/done to put some context here. The only real thought I can give is that for myself when I am in a scenario of “ignoring” someone that simply means I don’t believe a word you say in a sense. As you mentioned too you did it again whatever it was.

It boils down to your words are not good enough. Show it through action instead. Example, you say you care? You should understand some of the troubles that she goes through in life and genuinely want to do something about it. Don’t expect recognition or anything for it and just help with it instead whatever that may be. Show that you are truly a different person in a sense. Otherwise you are relying on her to cool down on her own time which can take forever. If your actions damaged her too then apologies aren’t going to fix it.

Imagine it more like you crashed your car full speed into the house twice and each time you said you are sorry as that was out of anger. This time your crash actually put her in like major debt where she can’t feed the family now. Like there apologizing isn’t going to do much. You should be taking initiative and helping to rebuild like the house in my view if you are trying to expedite this. Like there that shows true responsibility and compassion for your actions which in my view is the step you need to take.

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