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One night stand

Veronica Asks:

I am a Virgo-Libra woman. I went to my friends house to purchase an item. Pisces man was there. He told me he knew who I was. Turns out he went to school with my younger sister. A couple of weeks later I needed to make another purchase so my friend gave me his number. Later that night we met up. My live-in boyfriend (more like roommate we sleep in separate rooms and haven’t been intimate in almost a year) drove me. Almost a month later, I texted him to meet again and he began to flirt with me. I told him I had a bf. He said “so. I’ll make you want to leave him.” A weekend after that I was at my friends house drinking he came over and we (my friend her husband, Pisces and me) decided to go to a bar. He was very forward when he flirted out loud with me and he hit on every female within ear shot of our table.

I told my friend I wasn’t interest because of his behavior that night). Before I left home for the night he grabbed my ass while I was hugging him good bye. Anyways we texted back and forth thru out the week and I accepted his invitation to chill on a Friday evening. When I got to his house he told me to jump in his truck and with out warning we head 3 towns away so he could business transaction. We talked about everything during the hour rideboth ways. I left early. The very next Friday, we were gonna have a drink with my friend and her husband, but they backed out at last minute. Long story short, I got super drunk and we ended up sleeping together. I don’t remember everything but the next morning he turned away when I was trying to kiss him good bye.

My friend tells me he likes me but I’ve texted him a few time…it’s responses are always short. Then he called me two nights in a row after I was already asleep. He had his kids this past weekend so I texted him about a fun place for kids…that was on Friday night…he still hasn’t responded…I feel dumb because I don’t sleep with anyone that fast and I told him that before. Then I ended up doing it and now I feel like he lost interest. Plus I sorta blacked out that night, usually when I do that it’s because I did something stupid. (I think it’s my mind blocking it out on purpose)….IDK…should I continue to try to contact him?…if so, what should I say?…should I ask him to fill in the blanks from that night. What if I was rude to him…IDK. I really just would rather be his friend at least. I mean I do a “boyfriend” PLEASE HELP


Your question seems to be more about self-worth rather than a personality analysis of sort. To me it feels like the one night stand made you feel smaller per se and so you are trying to regain confidence and control. For example, you wrote thing such as you don’t sleep with anyone fast yet here you did. So my worry is the only reason you would be say chasing after this guy is because you don’t want to feel like you are “”easy” per se as an example.

My personal opinion is if you already have a boyfriend then you should try and find a way to communicate this to him as much as it may hurt. You wouldn’t’ want him to do that to you I would assume as an example and it will probably get worst by keeping it a secret of sort. In my view that Pisces guys shouldn’t even be a factor at the moment where if anything he is just like a bottle of alcohol where you can’t just focus on that to fix what the situation is now.

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