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I have been with a Pisces man for 8 years and just recently. I was a good relationship until about 3 years ago when he stopped wanting to have sex as often as we use to it went from whenever to once a week and sometime into 2 weeks. he is older than me by 7 years and has 2 jobs. However, everytime I would ask about having sex he would say he is too tired or just plain out I don’t want to. I asked him if he was no longer attracted to me or if he was seeing someone else and of course he said he was still attracted and no he wasn’t seeing someone else.

If I touch him sexually he ask what am I doing or say stop and more my hand. When he does agree to have sex he says come on lets get this over with and is really quick. I recently found out that he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend the week before my birthday. I didn’t leave him which I feel as though I should of but didn’t. He ate her and all because when he went to kiss me I smelled her on his face that’s how I found out and he doesn’t even do that to me. Had a washed properly I would of probably never known.

When I asked him why he did it he said cause he was drunk and really didn’t give me much insite on it. However, my question is why would he have cheated on me if I was always tryna give it to him and why would he eat her and not me that I think is the most hardest part to accept. Also should I leave him because the same thing is still going on and I know he isnt still seeing her cause I have a shealth tracking device on his phone now that tells and shows me everything from listening to calls and surroundings to reading deleted text messages, .

Should I leave him cause I have met another pisces man who is younger than me and gives me everything he doesn’t but I don’t know if it will last because of the age (even though I look about his age). Please help.


This is a rather complex and confusing scenario where I am not exactly sure what you are looking for in the end. But in general for him it sounds like the excitement and mystery of the relationship isn’t there anymore and needs to be rekindled. I would imagine that is a universal problem that a lot of couples have where when they see each other all the time people tend to take each other for granted in the sense of they don’t need to try anymore per se.

I guess an example of the physical intimacy is think of it like food. If someone eats the same thing every single day what do you think happens? They naturally don’t get excited over it as it would be like forcing kids to go to the dinner table. That’s why at times people need to change it up a bit to keeps things exciting which of course takes work. Same thing with the relationship I‘d say.

Now the confusing part comes from where at first you mentioned he cheated on you which of course is wrong. You then ask if you should leave him where the confusing thing is how you say you have met a younger person who gives you everything. That kind of confuses me if the both of you have already moved on emotionally. At the same time, putting a tracking device on him makes me feel there is no trust in this relationship as well. To that I would ask why exactly are you two still together if you both are actively seeing others without that trust either? In my opinion that conversation needs to be communicated between the two of you to make a decision.

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