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Pisces and friends with benefits

Regina Asks:

I have been friends with this pisces for years, A couple months ago we started talking more and more we are super close and sometimes we act as friends and other times we act as we are in a relationship (ex: flirting and complimenting each other and trading looks from across the way) so we hang out some times and sometimes omething sexual goes down. ( oral usually ) but this time we had sex and we’ve been acting like we don’t really know each other, whenever sexual acts go down. We gradually stop talking then start again like it was before (like best friends again) … Do pisces usually do this or does anyone know why he is doing this? People are saying they can feel something between us but we don’t act like it…


To me this sounds like people having “needs” and not really having an emotional attachment to it. I wouldn’t doubt that is possible for some where in that sense there is nothing odd about it. That would come down more to your personal preference as to the type of guy you want. Like for myself I wouldn’t to that because I would treat intimacy like those in a more connected way.

It would be virtually the same as saying are there some people in the world who can take candy from a child and go about with their day because it is all about the end result versus someone that would feel remorseful? Like there it comes down to the fact that there are different people and attitude towards various things in life.

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