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My pisces God son

Janine Asks:

9 years ago i met a pisces guy who i looked upon him as a son and he too. He was a true blessing for him, caring, understanding and we were in harmony until he started getting involved in fixing my brick and morter flat. We had lots of fights and he started getting attached to technology then. I am a sagittarius and i feel everything so i used to tell him n that he doesn’t care anymore, in addition to advising him and enquiring about him. He used to appease me about him twice a day then call me in the evening to check on me as i live alone and have nobody in life.

I was also advising him to get married until a couple of incidents happened and then he became different. We talked and thought we will have a new start, and i changed but he didn’t. He was hostile, cold, doing the rituals with no feelings. I felt bad about myself as he is the apple of my eye and had the dream of him getting married and they would come and visit me and look after me when i grow older. I cried, begged, kissed his feet but in vain. 9 months ago he stopped calling mom and stopped calling, texting and everything.

Some friends spoke to him, he said he doesn’t care and he doesn’t want to know me anymore. They told him to have mercy on me and my situation but in vain. I haven’t spoken or sent him anything for the past 9 months but i cry every day because noone around is like him. I miss him so much and so scared of texting him or calling him that he may block me on WhatsApp or Viber. I know nothing about him and i have been through a lot in these 9 months and i needed him so but i didn’t dare to call him. I just want to have my God son back, i am in severe pain and life hasn’t been any better since he abandoned me.

Please advise.


If I understand this correctly with what you wrote it ultimately comes down to he feels “empty” where you aren’t connecting with him in ways that he needs. It seems like doing things such as helping you fix things is like a temporary solution to those needs that aren’t being met. I am just a little confused with the complete picture here because I would assume things like a God son is a result of the parents making that official whereas this story sounds like you two met randomly in a way.

The more complex way to think about it is often the complaint I hear where people say it is impossible. He wants a person like you to read his mind without telling you in a sense. Would be like sitting down at the dinner table and instead of one asking for something they like they expect people to know what they want to show they truly care per se.

That’s basically the general thought with what you wrote generally as well. You would need to adapt to that with your own specific details of the situation. It could be as well that you are trying too hard to mold him into someone who he is not to create the ideal situation as you see it. Just off the top of my head as an example have you ever asked him thoroughly on what his ideal life in the future looks like as an example? That should tell you so much as to how to approach him and what he needs.

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